Anyone ever have a light period and was pregnant??
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reformerswife - April 8

I normally have a 25 day cycle (it sometimes goes to 28). I started cramping on cd16 and has continued. I began to spot on cd24 (light brown), then I started cramping more on cd25 and thought I was starting af. Now on cd26 & 27 I have had cramping w/ pink spotting when I go to the bathroom and wipe. It does not go into the toilet or wet my panties. I feel a little nauseated, but no other symptoms. Unless I start tomorrow (cd28), this is really weird for me. Could you have a period and still be pregnant??


lynda - April 10

this happened to me a few years back, I thought it was just my period, but as days went by I started cramping, then I went into emergency cuz it got to the point where I couldn't walk. I found out I had a tubal pregnancy. I had surgery and one of my tubes were removed.


Allie - April 11

I also had light bleeding for about a week when period was due, found out I was pergnant two weeks later, and at 11 weeks found out it was ectopic when it ruptured and I was rushed into surgery...please see your doctor right away if you suspect you are pregnant and bleeding!!!


kisha - April 11

i have the exact same symptom except that my discharge soils my panties.. not to much cramps. i took 3 p test and all neg .. but i'm due for my period any day now..


Teresa - April 14

I had light bleeding for about a week at the beginning of my second pregnancy. I thought it was my period, but I found out a month later that I was actually pregnant. The bleeding happened in mid April, and I conceived in March. My doctor said it was probably implantation bleeding (when the egg implants into the uterus). This often happens about the time you are expecting your period, so it can be confusing. Good luck!


tina - May 20

can someone please help me it is 28 days now from my last period. but a week ago i notice a brown spot. two days ago when i am wipeing myself i notice pink like color. that happend for two days today i am noticing some blood it is very light. P.S. on my last period i spot for a few days then i start to bleed. can i be pregnant. someone please help me.


milissa - May 20

same thing here had a very very light bleeding pinkish brown for about 3 to 4 days then just brown spotting...found out 3 weeks later I was pregnant! he's 2 1/2 now..


Tina - May 21

thank you milissa!
but i had a brown spot and a few days later notice a light pink spotting and right after that i am bleeding heavly on and off. can i be pregnant


Tina - May 21

Today i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. i am very sad about the result. I am so confuse for the reason for my spotting but alot of people told me maybe its too early to find out. Can someone please help me. understand what is going on and what should i do. i am want to have a baby so bad.


Tel - May 24

Tina if you are spotting brownish color, then there is a chance that you can/may be pregnant. Sometimes this happens when the egg implants itself against the linning of the uterus. If for some reason you see pink/red spotting 9 times out of 10 your period is on the way. You are most likely not pregnant. Good luck to you. Just try not to stress, and relax. Most people conceive right when they give up hope. Hope this helps!!!!



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