anyone ever had polystic ovarian syndrome
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guest - January 10

i was wondering if anybody had polystic ovarys and thought they were trying to have another baby but because of me not getting my af its been hard. i had my af the begin of novmber and have had it yet. i have had alot of pregnancy symtoms but keep getting neg results.and i have gone to the doctor affaired of the bad results. if you have any advice i would like to here.


n - January 10

i have pcos, and just had an ectopic pregnancy. i also tried provera and clomid. however, in one year since i have been diagnosed with pcos, most of the cystic have disapperaed. it takes time, but i would recommend provera. just beware that you may be moody


tibby - January 11

I have PCOS and my Dr. gave me Metformin first and it worked. A month later Clomid and it has been working, so now I get my period the same day every month.


Mandi_Lin - January 11

I found out in July I had PCOS, I had several cyst on my right Overy. They put me on Metformin and wanted to do surgery. I found out on Aug. 20 I was pregnant. My husband and I had been trying to concieve for 10 months before I did. My biggest problem was my periods were so irregular I could go three months without a period and still get neg. test results. I am now 24 wks pregnant.


guest - January 11

Mandi_Lin so how long did it take u to find out u were pregnant.I have been late for my af for 11 weeks and get neg results and right now i have been having some pulling pain in lower cervics and been feeling sick alot. I was just wondering if any body had pregnancy signs and it turns out it was the cysts. i tryed the clomid but gave up on it lose my health insureance and thats why i have made it in to the docs offices


RR - January 11

Guest- I have PCOS and stopped having periods except every 9 months or so. Now I am on metfomin and fertility drugs to help me get pg so I have been having reg periods. Take another test in a week and if still neg try to find a doctor that will work with you to get checked for cysts because one time when I had cysts it did give me pg symptoms. Hope this helps.


andrea - January 11

hi, i just got pregnant after 2.5 yrs trying, irregular ovulation, cycles, etc. i don't have pcos, but was thought to at one point. just thought that you would be interested in this supplement that i took to help induce ovulation, n-acetyl cystein (NAC). well, it worked! go to this link to read a synopsis of a small study that found that it increased the rate of ovulation and pregnancy in women resistant to clomid (it was taken with clomid). you'll have to cut and paste.

rate of ovulation in the group that took NAC with clomid was 50%, while the rate of ovulation in the placebo group was around 1%. it has also been found to increase insulin sensitivity in women with pcos (like metformin).

good luck, ladies.



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