anyone else waiting for a/f on the 27th?
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Dina - May 21

I think a/f is due on the 27th but I am really hoping it does not come. My hubby and I have been trying for several months after having a misscarriage in January. We have been using a digital fertility monitor for two months and have not had any luck so far. We are really hoping this month we get pregnant. Anyone else in the same position and looking for support?


Cutie - May 21

Hi Dina, I think that my af is due 23-26 somewhere around that. I know I ovulated on 5/10, cause I used the OPK, however I was on Birth Control for two month to regulate my periods so I dont really know when its coming, and HOPEFULLY its NOT coming and I am preggo. Dina, I understand how you feel.... TTC is SOOOO Hard and no matter what other people say... Some say: Just relax, it will happen., but how can you relax if you still test for ovulation or pregnancy test and if you get a BFN ??? I cry and get so upset. I tested yesterday and got BFN, however I get all those preggo symptoms. Its possible that I tested too early, but I am so UPSET today. My husband is very supportive, but he doesnt understand completely how tough this is...All of my friends either have babies or are pregnant and they all talk about it. My sis in law just got preggo too.....I pray and many mixed feelings, I just can not go through this anymore, and I am also almost ready to give up. .... Sorry Dina, I just had to vent.........I hope that you are pregnant too, its way too sressful to WAIT....What kind of monitor is it, you say that its digital, is it the one that is very expensive... sorry I dont know... I am using just the regular OPK-Clearblue


Dina - May 23

To Cutie~ Thanks for your response! it is nice to know I am not alone. I have lots of friends who have babies or who are pregnant now. Some who are even due when I was due (august 24). It is so hard to see them grow and get ready for their baby showers but not be pregnant anymore! But I am really hoping to be pregnant this month! This is my second month using the clearblue easy digital fertility monitor. It is a little expensive, about $170 on and then the test sticks are $35 for a box of 30(good for about 3 months), but it is worth it. It has really helped me relax and try to be calm about trying again. Thanks for the support and keep me posted! :)


Nena - May 23

My af is due 29-30 May. I had HSG on 11th May. But, I am taking pills to regulate my menses and I think that they may serve as contraceptiv so I am not hoping to much. But on my first day of af (hope that they won't come) I will start HCG shots to induce my ovulation. Good luck to you ***


heba - May 23

hi there good luck i hope that ur pregnant i am also in the 27th and my cycle is 28 days so i guess i will know tom. i have been trying know for a year ....


salbo - May 23

Hi everyone, wow it is good to hear everyones veiw, we have been trying for 6 months and its getting to me. My sister in law also got pregnant after one month!!!! i felt so upset then she lost the baby after 2 months so now i feel worse for feeling jelouse. she never new how i felt but i keep thinking about it. I am due on the 28th so im with you on this one. I found this web site yesturday just surfing and im glad i did, i was ready to just burst into tears because i felt so alone but i feel better now. Hubby is suportive but he says i should talk to to many people we know about it as it will add pressure and he was right, i told my mum and sister and they keep calling to see if it has happened yet! Well thanks for listening and baby wishes to all of you. keep in touch


heba - May 25

hi dina it is now the 29 th ....i wanna know if u got luky or not ...i am now olso in the 29th and still waiting for my period ....


Char - May 25

AF is due on May 30th. My fiancee went away for work just after O, hopefully not too soon because he's gotta go away around the same time for the next 3 months :( - makes things even harder!! ha!! go figure. Anyway... Hoping AF doesn't come this month with even tougher months ahead!!


Drew - May 26

I'm not really sure when exactly af is due... I'm so irregular! I just started Clomid and Metformin on the 5th of this month, and all calculations say I should have o'd on the 17th. If my cycle ends up being 28 days this month af should be on the 31st. Doc said if no af by the 7th of June do a pg, but can I wait that long??!!!!!!



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