anyone else ttc on metformin
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resaboo - January 2

I have been d/g with PCOS 51/2 years ago, went through 3 unsucessfuls Ivf's in 2001, have new partner with no sperm issues and RE says i do not ovulate and have started taking metformin this past week. No weight issue anymore and my cycles are regular now 29-30 days. Need some encouragement and others in same situation. Baby dust to all!!!!!


nic - January 2

Hey! I have PCOS too and have beenTTC for several years. I started taking Metformin (in addition to Clomid, which I've been taking for 2 years) and this month I got pregnant!


resaboo - January 2

congrats nic. i have not yet started to take clomid, yrs ago I have a clomid challenge test and the results were boarderline and they said I did not even ovulate on clomid so they are starting me on metformin first to see if I ovulate now that there is no weight or period issues.


resaboo - January 2

My problem right now is not ovulating and quality of eggs.


mommywannabe - January 2

I took just Metformin during end of Nov. and December and still haven't got AF yet I am currently 25dpo and going to test in the AM. I'll let you know my results.


Lynn - January 3

i took metformin for 7 months after TTC for 3+ years and got a BFP with no medication. I have been diagnosed with PCOS in 2000 and did many, many clomid cycles, femera and injections. could not fund IVF so was giving up when I got pregnant on my own. best of luck girls....


resaboo - January 3

Lynn, were u taking metformin when u got pg or were u not taking anything?


resaboo - January 3

To mommywannabe, I'm praying that u get ur BFP tomorrow, please keep me updated...


Lynn - January 3

I was only taking injections, no clomid and no femera. I took metformin until 12 weeks along as it helps prevent miscarriage in PCOS.


lsd819 - January 3

I was diagnosed with PCOS, hihg prolactin level and recently had my MRI rvealing a microadenoma. I had my fertility workup 6 years ago but I decided to stop due to work and financial matters since fertility work-up is so costly.
I am presently taking metformin 500mg at present and into parlodel half tab of 2.5mg. Not yet taking clomiphene for ovulation, I am only taking Duphasto to rgulate my menstruation. I hope I would be pregnant soon without much medication. I also worry about the side effects. To resaboo, don't loose hope. Having a baby will come at the right time....Good luck to all of us.


lsd819 - January 3

hi, Lynn.Is it true that Metformin can prevent miscarriage?Are you pregnant?


mommywannabe - January 3

Hey ladies, BFN!! I actually had to quit taking Met. for two weeks due to strep throat and not being able to swallow the pills. I am going to start taking it again and who knows what will happen. Lets hope Feb. brings a BFP!!


resaboo - January 3

mommywannabe, sorry about the news maybe Feb will be the month, I am waiting to see if I O this month which should be in the next week, we'll see.
Isd819, thanks for your kind words I hope everything works for you too, Baby dust to all...


jen327 - January 3

Hi ladies, I wanted to post because finally people that take Metformin! I have had PCOS for 7 years, on Metformin for 3 months this time. I tried for 2 yrs to get BFP. We conceived in Nov and our 8 weeks. I am still taking it and will continue to for the entire pregnency. BTW I only took Metformin 850 mg 3X a day. Metformin does help prevent miscarriges that would have been caused by hormone imbalence. Baby dust to all of you and I am glad I found you, PCOS support is rare.


Lynn - January 4

ISD...both my RE and OB wanted me to take met until 12 weeks. i have heard of it sometime being taken the whole pregnancy but my OB was only comfortable until 12 weeks. i am now 35 weeks pregnant and expecting my little girl in 3 weeks. best of not give up, we did everything just short of IVF before I emotionally could not take anymore. i was taking 1000mg of met 2x/day.


resaboo - January 4

Jen congrats, can I ask u what all u have went through, did they say anything to you re the quality of your eggs?


resaboo - January 4

well I hope metformin is my miracle. Been trying ever since 1999 but stopped all after my IVF's in 2002, I am starting back so my fingers are crossed, even with many odds and dr's saying it is unlikely.



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