Anyone else ttc at age 40?
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tryingat40 - March 2

'Been trying for five months....started to get
frustrated. HSG and other tests show no problems, so doctor wants us to try one more cycle before we start fertility shots. 'Just need to hear from others...


holly - March 5

Keep trying... Don't get frustrated, make sure to focus on the week when you are most fertile (your most fertile day is 14 days before the first day of your NEXT period).
I am 43. I was engaged on August (2004) and to be married this April. Since then, my fiance suggested that we should start trying to conceive. However, we can see each other only once every month because of the long distance between us (he lives in the West Coast and I live in the East coast). So I picked the time when I am most fertile to visit him (luckily my period is very regular, so I can guess when that day is and then visit him during that time. I normally see him for 4 days each month since September 2004.
And I became pregnant on the last weekend of January this year.

However, yesterday, I start having some brown discharge. So I am a bit concerned. I cannot see my doctor until Tuesday because he doesn't see patients on weekend and he doesn't think my discharge is alarminng (it's light and no cramps).

Anyway, keep trying and good luck. And remember to take folic acid and pre-natal vitamins NOW....


tryingat40 - March 7

Holly, thank you so much for the words of encouragement. My husband and I actually live in different cities also! We do get to see each other on weekends and I have been focusing on the fertile period. You've given me hope and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I wish you all the best!
(I have been taking the pre-natal vitamins by the way!)


Susan - March 15

I am 40 and preg w/ #3. There is always hope for women in our age bracket. Take care of yourself, eat well and get plenty of rest and exercise (paradox). Holly, how are you?


Terri - August 27

Don't wait too long before you see an infertility specalist. My HSG came back normal also, but even after 4 treatments (3 IUI's and one drugs only) and my husbands high sperm count we still are not pregnant. It is very frustrating and an emotional roller coaster ride. Good Luck to you!


D - August 27

I agree with Terri. First rule out that there are any other issues. While many of us are perfectly fertile you can't afford to lose much time. With every passing cycle, our fertility does continue to decline. We don't have a lot of time at our age. The last thing you need is to try on your own for two years only to find out that you may not have such an easy time of it. Please just go through the blood work. Give it another cycle or two on your own. Then see a specialist. Good Luck!


Cee Bee - August 28

I am 40 and TTC for #1.....although I fully understand all the "hoo har" about being 40, I am feeling very confident (or should I say "trying" to). I don't want to stress about the age factor because I think there is enough to stress about without adding age into it. Well I know it is easier said than done - but I am just treating myself as anyone else and not considering age as a factor (but keeping it in mind when time comes into it and making sure I don't lose unnecessary months etc etc). We have been TTC for over 18 months now - we did 4 cycles of IUI which were not successful so I am gearing up to start first IVFcycle next month. But I have since found a woman who is getting quite a reputation here in Melbourne, Australia for getting women pregnant regardless of age or problem (ie blocked tubes etc etc). She uses herbs (quite expensive I must say). She spent time with a tribe in the amazon and uses jungle medicines and philosophies. Basically, she believes in getting the body to work as it is intended and if it is in a healthy state - then there is no reason it should not function. She loves the challenge of 40+ women (apparently). Am happy to give further info if anyone interested....but I don't want to promote her openly as I have only just started with her so can't speak about results. Can point you to a website where people talk about her (good and bad) - but she sends the herbs around the world to anyone interested....


Cee Bee - August 28

Just want to quickly add that she can treat male fertility issues also - same philosophy I guess. So me and DH both taking herbs and a tonic daily - all meant to get us back in good health. When i was there waiting, a woman rang to say she was pg after one month on her herbs (but I don't know how long she had been trying). Anyway, I don't mean to go on about her, i guess I am just excited as it is a new hope for me. Good luck to everyone.


40 - August 29

hi there, i'm 40 dh is 41. married end of last year and started ttc in Jan. after 6 months of no luck started the testing. lo and behold i'm in great shape but dh has probs. If we didnt check we would still be going it alone. Now we are going one more natural cycle and then going the iui route. We wont go to ivf due to cost but please do a sperm analysis to see if he has probs too. many gals forget about the guy but its such an easy test for them and no pain. I've been through all tests and monitoring as well as keeping my own charts, opks, temps, cervix, mucous etc etc. Learn your body, understand your body and how it reacts, keep track of everything ie: headaches, pains (ovulatory and not) and have them ready for your doc if you need em. I first went to fertility clinic as i thought my temps were off but found out i'm normal. Don't be afraid to test, time is of an essence of a sort but dont stress over it. Many of us are just fine. good luck!



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