Anyone else trying to coneive their 2nd???
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Jess - August 4

I have been trying for a couple of months now. I got pregnant with my first while on the pill, unexpectedly. Never new it would be this hard the 2nd time around. Anyone else in the same boat? My next venture is trying out the fern scope for detecting ovulation.


kc - August 4

I am also ttc my 2nd. We've been ttc for 15 months with a mc in april. It took 2 yrs with 2 mc with my first daughter now 4. I also used the fern scope it is reliable however, make sure you use it first thing in the morning and let the saliva completely dry before reading. The insert doesn't allow for enough dry time. Good Luck.


Ginger - August 5

My husband and I have been ttc for 9 months. My daughter is 8 years old. My husband has 2 daughters, 9 & 6. This will be our first together. I was on depo before we decided to ttc. My last injection was 13 months ago. I am in my second round of clomid now. The first cycle charting showed me to O around cd 24. This time, I think I o'd yesterday (cd 14)! I bought one of the fern scopes, but the lens on it seemed to be messed up, so it was hard to see what I needed to see. I returned it, but didn't buy another one. I have been trying to use OPKs, but they are so hard to read. I have heard different things about different brands, and don't know which is the most reliable/easy to read. I think I will just have to continue charting and checking cm, and go with that.... Good luck, Jess and kc.... Loads of Baby Dust coming to both of you!


Amy - August 5

Hey jess, the same exact thing happened to am trying to conceive my second now. This is mine and DH 2nd month now. We have a 3 year old son. He said he wants a baby Anyhow, good luck to you. Take care.:)


Jill - August 5

I got pregnant with my son while I was on birth control. Now he's just turned 2, and we've been ttc for 10 months. I have PCOS, so I know what my problem is. But we'll keep trying. Good luck to all.



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