anyone else stuck in waiting game?
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julie2007 - April 17

it seems like forever i was TTC - then you have to do the wait for "O" -- and the 2WW --- and then wait to see the doc, or have your U/S -- then in my case - have to wait to see if it really is bad news --- then wait for the M/C to happen or get a d/c and then wait some more for the bleeding to stop so you can finally WAIT for AF to show (which at this point you want!) and only so you can wait to see if you can "O" so you can start all over again. it seems i am always waiting and still not pregnant or have that baby!! sorry i had to vent - not sure if anyone will even answer this - and it's ok if you don't - i am just frustrated.


TTC#[email protected] - April 17

Me too Julie! I hear ya, understand ya & I am with ya! We wait our lives away & we don't even know it. Months go by so quicky when TTC.. its scary.. as I sit here waiting for Saturday to see if AF shows (which Im pretty sure she will) then wait til its over ... then alllll over again!! UGH!


julie2007 - April 17

thanks ttc3 -- i knew i liked you - you understand my thoughts! try to keep positive for saturday.


kms1 - April 19

I am stuck in the waiting game and just like you - wait to get AF (who would have thought I'd actually want to have her show up!?!). Then wait to get the +OPK, then wait the 2WW then wait to TTC again. GEEEESH - I am glad you said it cuz I sometimes wonder if I was going crazy in my own head! Good Luck to you girls!


Apalonia - April 20

Hi Julie,
I think I will join this group becasue that is exactly what I feel I have been doing for 2 years. The scary thing is that I cannot believe two years is passed becacsue I have spent it waiting. I don't mind you venting because I am so glad that I am not alone. I have tried IUI twice and now I am waiting for June to try IVF. In the meantime I waited for a surgery, my husband has vericosle and he is waiting for surgery. You wait for appointments and you wait for two hours to see a doctor at the appointments. It's so frustrating. Right now I am on clomid and doing the temperature thing and now I will ewait two more weeks to see if it works. I hope so but I seriously doubt it!


julie2007 - April 20

hi - waited this long to get a +opk (got it today) -- and for the past 24 hrs i have been feverish throwing up and sicker than sick --- can't imagine TC tonight -(plus i took a bunch of meds for the sick/fever and don't want to hurt a baby i may make - does that make sense or am i worrying for nothing since we didn't even BD yet???) but i don't want to miss this month's chance - any thoughts ladies?? if i skip it then it's back to waiting another month to TTC again. uuuuugh.



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