Anyone else starting stims for IVF?
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Bahootie - April 22

I have been given the go ahead for my stim shots. I start tonight. Anyone who would like to obsess with me for the next month?


Lucky717 - April 23

Hi Bahootie -- I am not stimming yet but will in June / July. What are you on? Are you nervous? How long have you been TTC? I am 32 DH is 33. I have endo and also a borderline FSH issue. We've been TTC for over a year and had no luck. I had all the test run. All normal and even had lap done back in Jan. to remove endo and also a cyst. So far no luck. We are moving to IVF as a last result. I am soooo scared because of the expense involved. Insurance only cover $5,000 worth of meds. That's it. So DH & I are going in debt to do this. It will be all worth it in the end. I am just hoping we have good results. Best of luck!


Bahootie - April 23

Hi Lucky717! Looks like we are somewhat in the same boat. I am 31 and my husband is 37. We have been off birthcontrol for about 5 years and just was waiting for it to happen. About a year ago I got serious and started clomid treatments. Obviously they didn't work. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and sent on to an RE. I have a problem with cysts growing when they shouldn't so I had to get those under control first. I went through first round at 300 units of Follistim and only produced 4 follicles. On clomid I produced 3. Further bloodwork showed that I too may have a FSH problem. It may even be to the point that my eggs are no good anymore. This round of IVF is much more aggressive. I am doing 750 units a day. Hopefully I will produce more. I want to go through an egg retrieval before I give up. I want the doctor to say no chance and then I will be able to move on. He told me that I could use a donor egg and after talking it over with my husband I think I will go that route. Hopefully it wont be too late. I live in Illinois and they have mandatory IVF coverage under HMO. I got switched for that reason and it has been wonderful. You may want to look into purchasing left over medicine from women who already went through IVF. I have seen different postings even some that are free if you will pay to ship. That may help with your costs. Your doctor may also have system worked out with his patients. On my current plan I paid around $150 for the first round of meds then around 60 for the second since I didn't use all from the first. I forgot to mention that because I had such a low response from the first cycle I went ahead with and IUI instead. I hope all goes well for you and when you start stiming let me know and I will share the aches with you.


Lucky717 - April 24

Hi Bahootie! Yes we sound like we are in the same boat. Isn't this crazy??? I mean seriously did you ever expect to be in this position? I know I didn't. I thought having children would be so easy. HA! Oh well I am going to start out on 375 Units of Gonal F. I'm doing the saline ultrasound tomorrow a.m. for a practice run. We are taking the class June 19. We have to wait til then to come up with some ofthe $$ for the procedure. It's going to be sooo tight but worth it. That's wonderful that you live in a state where coverage for IVF is mandated. It's ridiculous that all states aren't like that. Good luck to you! Keep me posted!


Bahootie - April 24

I think we should get refunded for all the birthcontrol we spent money on but didn't end up needing. Good luck to you and let me know how it goes!



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