Anyone else hate the phrase "It WILL happen"
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Holly - January 30

Hi girls.. can I join.. I get sick of hearing "it will happen" hubby and I have been trying for 8yrs.. We have a wonderful 9yr old..but have been trying for a second. I had a eptopic pg in 2001 but since then nothing. I have tried clomid for two rounds and my last AF showed up on cd47 how is that for stress. I thought that I was pg.. I went for the cd23 blood for progesterone and was told no I did not O as my level was 3.3 I was sure that I did O a couple days later and 2 days before AF showed up I had gone for blood and they said yep I did O as my level was 14.5. I really wish that they could make up their minds! (the doctors) I am different than everyone else.. so why should I be put into a catagory that says I only should O during one part of the month.. My tubes are ok.. hubby is ok so I am a little frustrated.. so I will narrow it down to stress I guess.. thanks for listening.. ~Baby Dust~


jg - January 30

SashaP HAHAHAHA .That's so funny - wash their underwear together to get pregnant. LOL!!! That's such a great description. I would have washed myself and my husband together in the washing machine if that would have helped!!! Hang in there girls - I was TTC for FIVE LOOOOOOOONG years and it did eventually happen, after IVF, herbs, hormones, charts, etc happened with Clomid and my little man is now tugging on my pyjama leg saying "mumumum". It's worth the pain to get to this stage, so good luck to everyone.


sands - January 31

Thanks to all of you that replied. My family doctor is an older and scatterbrain man, and I alway feel like he doesn't listen and I am always being told to wait, that I am okay and the like (not about pregnancy, that is still new, just everything else in the past). I don't have an OB, and I am affraid to go to my family doctor and ask him to send me because I know what he will say. Can I go to one without a reference? Anyone in Calgary, AB Canada that can recommend a place??


Emily - January 31

Hi, I know how you all feel. I´ve been trying for nearly 4 years since I had a miscarriage the first time I got pregnant. Everybody I know asking ´so when are you going to have babies, it´s about time` If only they knew.


Holly - February 1

Sands.. try the website for the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgens.. they should have a list of Doctors.. as well try the website for Calgary Health Region. **baby dust**



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