Anyone else hate the phrase "It WILL happen"
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Daisey03 - January 27

Okay, so here's a vent for everyone...I'm 26 years old, my husband and I have been trying to get pg for 4 months now. Every time AF shows up, I have a pity party for myself and try to move on and focus on next month. Anyways, I am so SICK of hearing the phrase from others, "Don't worry, it WILL happen" or how about "Don't try so hard"....Grrrr! That is very easy for somebody else to say but when you are living the situation that is something you don't want to hear. I know people are just trying to be nice but gee whiz!! Oh, and does it seem that EVERYONE is having a baby?? Or am I just in tune to that now???


Mega - January 27

And what about "just relax?" I HATE that. Like it's that easy?! I'd relax if I could! Also, what about just give up & it will happen? I hate that 1 too. Like I should just throw in the towel, it's only been 17 months for me. And another one that people have been asking me lately, how do you feel about adoption? I am tired of that question too. But I guess like anything else people don't know what to say so they say dumb things. At least we have this board to vent! And I think your attitude is very healthy, that's what I do too, throw the biggest, best pity party for myself when AF shows & then move on to face the next cycle. Unfortunately the longer you try, the more you will hear stuff like that. Hang in there. Good luck!


Sally - January 27

Hi girls, im there with you its the same for me. I hear alot of "you have left it late havent you maybe that is what the problem is" im 30! i didnt think that was late but now im questioning it. TTC for 16 months now and i have had enough of pregnant women and any "RELAX" comments. To be honest i wish that i could forget it for even just a few hours! Good to hear from fellow angry girls. good luck to you. x


Daisey03 - January 27

I know ladies! How frustrating. It is nice to have somewhere to go to talk to people who feel the same way! It's not easy just to say "forget about it" and "what will happen, will happen if it's supposed to". I'm not that type of person. I'm going to keep trying, I just can't sit back and NOT track my cycle! Mega, I guess I haven't been trying as long as you have (only 4 months) but I'm still sick of hearing all the dumb comments too. I hear this one too "you haven't been trying that long" OH BOY! Sally- don't give up hope, my sister just had her second child and she is 36! My other sister just had her first at 34. It took her 7 months to conceive so hang in there. 30 is NOT TO LATE!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement ladies, good luck to you!


Nata - January 27

Hey ladies! I feel the exactly same way. Yesterday I was talking to a friend and guess what?? His wife is five weeks pregnant. I'm happy for them BUT why not me? I was watching a TV program this morning... there was a woman who decided to give her second child for adoption. How easy it is to get pregnant, isn't it? Well, not for me! Last cycle I was overstimulated b/c of all the medication (I was taking follistim) and I gained about five pound of water. Everybody was asking if I was pregnant. It was very painful! Anyways, I'm glad I have you guys to talk to. I wish with all my heart good luck to all of you!


Daisey03 - January 27

I know how you are feeling! It really makes me mad to see women who don't take care of themselves during pregnancy (smoking, drinking, etc). I think we are all really tuned into that kind of thing since we are trying so hard! It does seem like everybody is pregnant (even celebrities!!)


Nata - January 27

I know! Every time I watch TV I see someone famous expecting. Plus, I also have a neighbor who just had a baby. How frustrating! I try to hide my frustration from my dh b/c I don't want him to feel the same way. I don't want to make any pressure on him... then, it's even harder on me!


Mega - January 27

You're so right, everytime I turn on the tv or read one of those gossip sites (eonline, a guilty pleasure for me) another celeb is preggo, it seems like. I think J. LO is the latest, rumor at least. Yeah, it's really hard for us to be besieged by this when we're trying so hard be it for 4 months, 16 months, 2 years, whatever. But it is what it is & we'll all make such great moms, loving moms b/c we had to work all that much harder to bring our kiddos into t he world.


Ashleyg - January 27

my dh and i have been ttc for 12months now...and i am equally pissed when i hear a "just relax" or a " try not to worry about it" or a "it will happen"


hopeful06 - January 27

I get frustrated too. But, you know what? I have to keep hoping that they're right as much as I hate to hear it. If I didn't, then what would the point be? If we didn't ALL hope, then why would we be here? I know it's little consolation--and that we all need to vent sometimes--but if we keep a positive attitude I have to hope our bodies will respond. Thanks ladies!! (and the few men out there posting too!!)


jg - January 27

It's just as well I'm not prone to violence because if one more person had told me "what you need to do is go on a holiday and totally forget about everything.....". Do these people not realise that TTC IS your life. It occupies every waking moment, every thought, every action. Do they believe that going on a holiday is going to make my endometriosis go away??!! Grrrr.


sands - January 29

I am so glad that there are people like all of you out there that can share my frustration. I have been trying for almost 4 months with no luck. My periods are irregular (I was on the pill prior), and my BBT's look like the Rocky Mountains. From period cycle to cycle, I experience different "symptoms", from breast pain to ovary pain to heavy, watery CM ... I just don't know what to do, I am not even sure if trying an ovulation test would work for me, as I am so irregular. Anyone in the same situation??


Daisey03 - January 30

Hi sands! Well, it sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I have been trying for 4 months as well, with irregular periods and was on the patch beforehand. I have used several ovk's and I don't like any of them. It seems like mine ALWAYS say I'm ovulating? Very weird. I think I'm going to try the Sperm Meets Egg Plan this month. Have you heard of it?


sands - January 30

Hi Daisey03. Thanks for your sympathy. My plan is to wait out my perior (now on day 38, last cycle was 38, the one before was 45.. I though this would have been shorter...). and try an ovulation kit, but I have no idea which one. I have not heard about the Sperm Meets Egg program, can you tell me about it, or point me in the right direction!


Mega - January 30

Hi Daisy & Sands. After reading your posts, I'd urge you both to see your dr ASAP. I experienced the exact same thing for 7 mos. after coming off the patch myself. I kept waiting for my cycles to return to "normal," but instead they got worse. I mentioned my problems to my OB at my yearly & she said what I was experiencing "wasn't normal." Irregular cycles, not Ov, BBT temps "like Rocky Mtn peaks," it could signal thyroid issues or even PCOS, which is what I was ultimately dx with. Anyway, if it does turn out to be one of those issues there are lots of treatment options. I'm not trying to scare you, I just wished I'd got help sooner. It's now been 17 mos. for me, but with Clomid I have been Ov, & I think it's just a matter of time til I see that BFP. Anyway, just my opinion. Good luck & baby dust to both of you.


SashaP - January 30

I'm glad I'm not the only one the feels this way. Everybody I know and work with when they want to get pg I swear they just wash their underwear with their dh's and it happens. My favorite comment lately was are you even having sex cause thats all it takes. Wow I never knew that was how it happened, I'm glad someone told me. Some people just don't know how blessed they are to get pg I've been ttc for over 2 years without success. Hopeful my new fertility drugs help. Good luck to everyone.


Holly - January 30

Hi girls.. can I join.. I get sick of hearing "it will happen" hubby and I have been trying for 8yrs.. We have a wonderful 9yr old..but have been trying for a second. I had a eptopic pg in 2001 but since then nothing. I have tried clomid for two rounds and my last AF showed up on cd47 how is that for stress. I thought that I was pg.. I went for the cd23 blood for progesterone and was told no I did not O as my level was 3.3 I was sure that I did O a couple days later and 2 days before AF showed up I had gone for blood and they said yep I did O as my level was 14.5. I really wish that they could make up their minds! (the doctors) I am different than everyone else.. so why should I be put into a catagory that says I only should O during one part of the month.. My tubes are ok.. hubby is ok so I am a little frustrated.. so I will narrow it down to stress I guess.. thanks for listening.. ~Baby Dust~



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