Anyone else from the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
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Stacitx - April 24

I'm curious to see if there are any others of you that live in the DFW area that are struggling with infertility. I have been posting on infertility forums since we started TTC'ing two and a half years ago, and have made some WONDERFUL friends but none of them live in my area. I'm looking to make some local friends who also are struggling with infertility. I don't know about you, but so many days I feel like I have no one that I can talk to or meet up with that truly understands what I am going through. I was wondering if there were any others of you in the area that feel the same as I do, and would like to make a friend who would truly be able to understand and relate to what you are going through! A sort of support group where you know you have someone to turn to or call that completely understands what it's like to have one of those days where your period has just started, yet another failed attempt, and every where you go that day all you see is babies and pregnant ladies.


MuzikGurl - April 25

Hi, I live in the dallas area and I understand what you are going through I myself went through the same thing but, I don't think you would be interested in talking with me all that much because I had a child recently and am trying for number two and well, I am afraid that what if I become pregnant before you and everything I just don't think you would like to hang out with me or be around me about talking about baby stuff all the time but, I just want you to know I am interested in if and when you do get pregnant and if you do need someone to talk to about what you are going through I am here. Hopefully there will be someone on here who lives in the area also that can lend a shoulder or ear for you. I'll pray for you if you like, cause I know what it's like to try and try and try and then time and time again fail but, let me tell you this when it does happen you will be on cloud 9 and 10 and 11, ect....I promise you...everything you are going through now will be so worth it....believe me. So , don't get down and try hard not to worry so much on ifs and whens because it will only distract you on what you really need to be thinking about like the beautiful baby angel that's just waiting in line waiting for it's number to be called and one day you're crying over a neg. pg test the next your holding that baby angel of yours...that time will come. Like I said I will pray for you that sometime soon you will get your prayers answered. Good luck and plenty of baby dust to you! ~MuzikGurl~


Tink - April 26

i am in the dallas area too. i live in plano, work in richardson. i struggled with infertility as well, but am now 12 weeks along thanks to in vitro (IVF). i spent well over a year in complete misery, wishing to get pregnant. i did 4 months of clomid with my gyn/ob, then sough help from a specialist- dr douglas in plano. i had been off the pill for 5 years and had not used protection in all that time. we weren't trying, but we weren't NOT trying. in 5 years, surely an 'accident' would have happened. so i knew when we did start actively trying, i would face problems. so i went head first into seeking help. plus i am 33. not a spring chicken anymore. with the RE, i did 2 IUIs with clomid, then a lap for endo, then 2 more IUIs with injectables. when the last injectable cycle resulted in yet another BFN in December, i decided it was time for IVF> i started it in late January (long process) and got my first BFP ever on March1! i can't believe it. so i have been there, read all the books, the forums and it does help. even though i am not struggling now (except with really severe mornign sickness all day)- i am here if you ever want to talk, vent or ask questions- since i have done a lot of the treatments you might be interested in trying. good luck- my name is Michelle btw!


Hannah B - April 26

Hey Staci, I think I've spoken to you on another thread. We are or were using the same fertility doctor. How are you doing? I assume from this message things didn't work out last month? Well It didn't work out for me either. Right now we are on a natural cycle month. I think I am going to proceed with IVF as well, but will stick with Dr. Nackley. Did you move to the other clinic? I would love to chat with you and help in any way possible. I completely understand what you are going through. It gets very frustrating. We are all here for you.


Stacitx - April 26

Thanks to everyone who has responded, and congrats on y'alls BFP's, pregnancies, and overcoming infertility. Hey Hannah, yes you and I have spoken before on the IUI thread! Good to talk to you again! Sorry last cycle was a bust for you as well. :( Right now were are trying naturally until June, when we are start our first cycle of IVF with Dr. Le. We LOVE him! Way better than Dr. Nackley, and MUCH cheaper than CAR. By like $2000+ and his stastics are better than theirs. I NEVER got to see Dr. Nackley during my cycles, but with Dr. Le he does all the sonograms so you get to see him personally each time you visit! Nothing against CAR, just my experience wasn't the best so I felt it was time to move on. Dr. Le actually has me trying something different for my PCOS. He has be taking prometrium for the FIRST ten days of my cycle, to see if it will help balance things out and make me ovulate. I'm on CD 10 so I will let you know if it works and I O on my own. It would be so nice, even though I know we wouldn't conceive because my hubby's motility and counts are so low. I'm glad we found each other again!! If would like to email my address is [email protected] Take care and I'm hoping this summer we will finally get our long over due BFP's!


Jennacat - April 27

I live in Keller...not far from Ft. Worth. I just an IUI April 18th and I'm scheduled for a p-test on the 30th. ....if AF doens't come first. How are you ?


Jennacat - April 27

Hannah B...I too see Dr. Knackley, it's a small world afterall! Good luck.


Jairia - April 27

I too live in Keller just outside of the Ft. Worth area. Here's my story...the short version. We have been ttc for almost 3 years. We actually got pregnant with twins while using Clomid. We were ecstatic and couldn't wait to welcome babies into our family in November '05. Unfortunately we miscarried at 6.5 weeks, and I had to have a D&C. Since then, we have taken Clomid to no avail. Luckily we were referred to my current RE, Dr. Kaufmann with DFW Infertility Specialists. We have decided to go ahead with IUI this summer. I totally understand the strains and trials of ttc. Hang in there. We can hang together.


Hannah B - April 27

Staci, I'm so sorry that you had a bad experience with Dr. Nackley. You said that you never saw her during your treatments? Did you see any of the other doctors or just the nurses? I've only seen a nurse once for one sono, but I've either seen Dr. Nackley or Dr. Rehman all the other visits. I see Dr. Rehman more often because I live near their Frisco office which is where Dr. Rehman works most of the week. I hope your experience with Dr. Le is much better. I also wish you lots of baby dust on your first round of IVF. I will start my process with IVF on May 22nd. Let's hope this natural cycle this month will result into something Positive, so that we don't have to go that route. Hi Jenna, welcome. I hope your IUI works this month. The 30th is right around the corner. Baby Dust to you. How long have you been with Dr. Nackley? What procedures have you done so far. We are moving to IVF with Dr. Nackley instead of doing injectibles. My husband's insurance is going to cover up 15k for infertility so we are going to spend that money with the agressive procedure instead of injectibles. We had 3 months of clomid/IUI which resulted in a positive the first month, but didn't progress past 5 days. The following two were not successful either. Jairia, sorry about your loss. When did you end up going to your specialist? I mean how long have you been with him. I wish you all the luck in the months to come. Oh by the way, I live in Allen, TX.


Tink - April 27

Hannah, you are somewhat close to me- i live in plano, right near the george bush tollway and coit area (south plano). good luck on your natural cycle- i have heard lots of magical stories about getting a BFP on a break or natural cycle!!! so how much were you guys paying for IUIs? with dr. douglas in plano- i was paying about $395 per IUI, that included the sperm wash etc. My insurance covered the IUIs last year (but not anymore, it changed). we did 4. we had to pay out of pocket for drugs though- so clomid was $35 and follistim injectables could run $600 a month, but a nurse i was friends with at my RE's gave me free samples she had, saving me hundreds!!! however, with IVF, that is a whole different story- dr. douglas works iwth the ARTS lab at plano presby (same one is at dallas presby) and they are rated top 10 in the country for IVF. with the RE's fees, the lab fees, drugs cost us close to $10,000. that was out of pocket (courtesy of my grandpa that was our angel!!!) and thankfully it worked first try. it's like the cost and stress of the finances is the last thing you need to worry about when trying to concieve. Hannah, if you have questions on IVF, let me know. i started my cycle in January (BCPs, lupron for like 5 weeks first) and am happy to answer any questions. i am 12 weeks along now. Staci- here is hoping you O on your own!!! everyone else- HI! you can email me anytime at [email protected] have done a lot of IUIs, clomid and now IVF, so i am more than happy to share my experience or answer questions if i can.


Jennacat - April 27

Well everyone, I started. I guess we will start the process again 10 days from now. Good luck everyone.


Hannah B - April 27

Tink, you are right we are basically down the street from each other. Sort of at least. I'm so hoping that the natural cycle works, but I'm definitely not banking on it to. I've pretty much decided in my mind that we will be doing the IVF. With my doctor we paid pretty much that same price for the IUI's. It wasn't bad. For IVF i'll be out probably a few thousand. Most will be covered by insurance. If we have embies to freeze then we should have enough $$ in the insurance pot to do one frozen transfer. After that everything will be out of pocket. But I figure we get one regular transfer and one frozen out of this all. My doctor said the bulk of the $$ comes from the meds, but in my case pretty much all of my meds are covered 100% except for progesterone and something else that I can't remember. My cost is going to be basically covering the surgery center that they perform the procedure at because they are not offiliated with my insurance. I will definitely be asking questions I'm sure. I've saved your email address. I am scheduled to start BCP at my next cycle which should be at the beginning sometime in May. Our first baseline will be May 22nd since I will be on vacation the week before. Jennacat, i'm sorry that AF came. What is your game plan for May?


Tink - April 27

Jennacat, so sorry the evil witch showed. what is your plan for next cycle- looking ahead always helped me to move forward. Hannah- my IVF was NOT covered by ins at all. the drugs alone were $2500- that was lupron, BCP, progesterone in oil (the worst of the bunch!), follistim, menopur and ovidrel trigger. it was overwhelming getting it all in the mail, it was so much stuff and my own personal biohazard container for the needles! lol.....that's when you know you made it big. The RE's costs were about $2800 i think and the lab fees were like $3300 and then the anisthesiologist was like $500. you pay them all separately. the only thing that was covered were my ultrasounds and bloodwork, which saved us probably $2k. you pay everything when you start the stims usually. that is so awesome you have coverage! as for freezing some- don't want to dash your hopes, but don't count on it. only 20% of women have any eggs left to freeze. i know the Presby labs are picky about what they freeze and will usually only freeze blasts (grown to 5 or 6 days in the dish) and really not that many make it. I have 8 mature eggs retrieved (11 total, only 8 mature though), all 8 fertilized naturally which is unusual, usually only 75% or less fertilize. i was lucky to have 100%. then usually only one makes it to blast wiht a number like that. i was lucky to have 2 make it to blast (day 5) and we put those 2 back in, none were good enough quality to freeze, even though a few survived. they won't just freeze anything, since many won't survive thaw later. i had counted on having some frozen and was very very disappointed. so just wanted to warn you. i hope you have a lot more eggs than me and have a better chance of freezing some, but only 1 in 5 women are that lucky. on average based on stats, the doc usually retrieves 7-8 eggs.many die in the lab by day 3. if you have more than that, you are lucky. so i was right about average. i was hoping for more, but it didn't happen. it really sucks all the odds. but it worked for me first time, so i was blessed!! the payment for freezing is like another $1k. hope that helps some. it is a lot to take in. it was a quick process and while stressful, if i can do it, anyone can! i know you will have great results!


Jennacat - April 28

Okay...I'm not sure what's going on. I've spotted twice today but that's it? I'm not due to start until May 2nd.....I thought I just started early. What else could be going on?


Tink - April 28

Jenna, so what CD are you? implantation spotting usually occurs 7-10 days after ovulation. so that is a possibility if the timing is right.


Stacitx - April 28

Good morning girls! Wow, we have quite a few gals on here from the DFW area. That's great. Looks like the prometrium at the beginning of my cycle did nothing, but bring on another period? Grr...That's two in ten days! Yuck! I guess that treatment just doesn't work with me. Oh, well! I have some clomid left over so I'll do that this cycle and then call Dr. Le when I get my next period to start IVF. Jennacat, I hope AF stays away. Are you taking progesterone? If you are then sometimes it will hold your period off for a couple of days even if it's coming, but hopefully it's some implantation spotting!! Well I guess that's about it for me! I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Jennacat - April 28

I think what I had was implantation bleeding. I go Monday for p-test. Do you think that the blood test will show this soon.?I had bleeding yesterday, no blood today....I feel fine.



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