Anyone else feeling miserable this week?
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Molly - October 11

I just went back to work after a break and 3 women anounced that they are pregnant. It has been the first time that I really took it hard. Have been trying for 13 months with no luck. On 2nd round of Clomid. I am feeling so down this week - anyone else?


axz - October 11

We just finish TTC #2 and my wife AF came yesterday..It's sooooo hard to get pregnant.. :( :(


Kerry - October 11

Oh I so know how you feel been ttc for 2 years now and my neighbour is pregnant and 3 people at work are too..its so hard trying tobe happy for them when its what you want for yourself. My af is due 16/17 Oct and I am so hoping it doesnt come cos I cant take it anymore. the week waiting is so unbearable, I am so tense, I imagine symptoms and live on the pc looking at early pregnancy signs............sad I know!


L - October 11

Ladies I so know how you all feel I have been ttc for almost a year and every month af arrives it just gets sooooo depressing everyone around me is pregnant , just not me! My bf just told me friday she was 6wks and here I was 2 days late and thought I was gonna get lucky well she convinced me to take a test and wouldn't you know BFN I just wanted to cry ! I do want to be happy for her because I know she has been through so much to get there, but I just don't really want to talk with her about it . Kerry I know how you feel I stay on the pc looking for tips on conceiving little things that will better my chances, O charts,positions,cough syrups I think I have tried it all it just hasn't worked yet, but I am gonna stay positive it's all we can do try not to stress so much about it just keep telling myself this is gonna be the month! Best of luck to all you girls !May God Bless you with a healthy bundle of joy! Baby dust to all !


in NC - October 12

Feeling down is mild compared where I feel. I recently had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy and lost my right tube. Emotions are all over the place and I cry mostly. So many are pregnant at work. It is extremely hard. I wanted to leave church this Sunday because it seems like our side of the church is prego or just had babies except for my hubby and I. UGH!!!!! Hopefully we can keep our chins up so when it is our time, we can really enjoy the pregnancy and a baby. Good Luck girls and the nice hubby who posted.


christine - October 12

hang in there ladies i know how you all feel, i am ttc three years this nov, i know at least seven people who have had babies since i have been trying .my cousin is having hers in november, i go for a lap in nov, block tubes, i am not too excited about the lap, i had a miscarriage in jan 04 since then nothing, i removed about ten fibroids in feb,hsg showed blocked tubes in june, every month i keep hoping i am preggos and nothing, my period was one day late and i start thinking of a pregnancy only to have it arrives, i have a daughter who is seven years old all she wants it a baby brother or sister but my hope is slowly fading away i am already 38 years old three miscarriages and one live birth,sometimes i feel like giving up. baby dust to you all ladies, and i hope we will post our big fat positives here really soon



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