Anyone else doing IVF in Feb/March?
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kimasw - February 17

Hi Ladies - I'd also like to join this thread. I'm new to all forums, but my husband and I are trying to keep IVF between us and I'm dieing for someone else to talk to about this. I went in for my baseline tests on Monday 2/13 after taking Lupron for 9 days, I had a follicle on the right and left that was still growing even with the Lupron. I went in today 2/17 for another baseline and the follicle was still enlarged. Im now waiting the call back, but I'm terrified they are going to cancel this cycle and we'll have to start over. How do you ladies find strength in all this? My husband and I miscarried after getting pregnant naturally last October (2015) at 16 weeks. Since then we've learned that it was a miracle we got pregnant naturally considering my DH counts are extremely low.



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