Anyone else been diagnosed with endosalpingiosis?
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Melissa - October 6

After my LAP I was diagnosed with this and am having trouble finding ANY info online about it. I am terribly frustrated right now, because my doctor is wanting to put me on b.c. to control it, but I just had LAP and thought she'd removed all the tissue. If anyone has dealt with this problem....PLEASE let me know!


? - October 6

do you mean endometriosis? that is probably what it is if there is extra uterine tissue over other parts of your ad area.


[email protected] - April 24

I recently had a total abdominal hysterectomy with a bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy. After the surgery my doctor told me that I had endosalpingiosis. According to him, it really is not a factor in fertility. Endometriosis has more to do with infertility than endosalpingiosis. It is a benign condition that is generally found incidentally since it is symptomless. I was on birth control pills for years, and to my knowledge they would have little effect on it. I hope you
have been able to find a resolution to your problem.



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