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tanner789 - December 5

i was told by my obgyn that i was not ovulating (annovulation) and for the past 4 monthes i havent gotten a period on my own without the assistance of provera. i tried clomid for 2 monthes and my eggs were still underdeveloped, and i never ovulated i was then ref to an fertility specialist were i'm just now undergoing the initial testing. i would like to hear stories from other ladies that have an non ovulating problem, and what you have tried or maybe you've been successful conceiving. i am going throught the phase of believing i dont have a chance and maybe i have all these problesm, that i'm scared to find out after the tests, just need someone with similiar problem to talk with.


pmblake - December 5

Hi Tanner, I'm in the same boat. You're not alone. I'm labeled "unexplained infertility". Sounds like you will be too! Once you get your testing over w/ your RE they will set up a protocol for you... probably injectables. I did this for 4 months and over stimulated all 4 months. I didn't get pregnant on injectables, but I did ovulate and have a regular cycle. Well, I'm back at my regular OB now to just wait it out on clomid for another year. Do you have good insurance coverage for infertility treatment? If you do, I recommend you do all they suggest! I do have 2 children, but neither were planned. They just happened around my normal 1-2 periods a year. I'm so irregular, but it can happen. You just need to ovulate once for it to happen. Stay positive! Don't be afraid of what the test results show. There's something for everyone out there and your RE should be able to find pills, shots, etc to get your body moving.


tanner789 - December 6

pmblake-thanks so much for responding, its nice to know i'm not alone right now. i think being dx with unexplained infertility witll drive me nuts. why are you back with you r ob and not a fertility specialist. when i was with my ob he tol me i did need injections along with the clomid, b/c clomid alone didnt work. so i'm hoping once this testing is over i can do the injections and get ovulating. at least you know you can conceive and have two great kids. i have pretty good insurance, but i dont think they'll cover ivf or anythign liek that but meds and u/s yes. wish me luck, i wll know everythign by the end of the month


cc123 - December 6

What is overstimulation and what are the symptoms? Thanks.



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