anyone due on the 28th?
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fingers crossed - July 26

My periods are due on the 28th. Is there anyone else out there due then and feel they could be pregnant? I have had cramping since ovulation.. hope this is it!


Dee - July 26

Im due on the 30th. My husband and I have been trying for about 4 months. I have cramping too and I've read some experiences that women have hard core cramps like theyre gonna get their period any second and it never comes...I hope this will be the case for me too. This will be baby # 4 for me...hope the best for ya:)


fingers crossed - July 28

So far so good, nothing yet. I don't want to get too excited. I felt for my cervix and it feels soft that's the only thing thats throwing me off. Normally it's hard when periods are coming. The waiting game is the killer! Hope all goes well for you too Dee!


Nikolette - July 28

i got a bfp on my hpt 2 days ago ( was having some major preggo symptoms) af due today the 28th. since i got the +++hpt i didn't expect to see af today but its here. pinkish kinda but still here im so upset what does it all mean dh and i have been ttc for almost a year.


Anna - July 28

Nikolette, some women still get a af when pregnant-especially, the first one after they get PG. I would suggest trying another HPT and calling your md to get an hCG level drawn. Good luck and congrats if your PG!



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