anyone due on OCT 2 and want to wait
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gi23 - September 22

hi i'm due for AF on OCt 2 as of now i have no systmes.. anyone else


M'Rita - September 22

gi23, My AF is due on 29 sept - 1 october, so I'll happily wait with you. I've been having some cramps & wigless in my abdomen, feel quite swollen down there. I'm quite positive she will show up again. How long have u been ttc?
Good luck to u & I'll keep my fingers crossed that AF doesn't show up!
~~~baby dust~~~


Michelle - September 22

I am also due at approx. that time (cd 21 today). I am worried though that it will not come for some time. My RE said after a cd 12 u/s that I will not ovulate this month. I just want to get on with the next cycle. I have no idea when AF will show w/o ovulation. I'd love some company. I hope that AF doesn't come for either of you gi23 or M'Rita! If I may ask, are you undergoing any treatments at this time?


gi23 - September 22

Hi.. I have been ttc for about 8 months.. got blood work done and an hsg done on 9/9 and both look normal, i'm hoping after the HSG i will get a BFP ths month.. How abot your ladies!


M'Rita - September 23

This is my second month ttc after coming off bc in July, so it’s still early days i guess as they say it can take up to 3 months for ur body to get back to normal. I haven't done anything like OPK's etc., just trying to observe mc & use calendar. Are u girl’s ttc baby # 1?



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