anyone done PUREGON injections?
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patrizia - July 20

hi- as soon as i start my next cycle on day 2 i will be doing PUREGON injections - has anyone done them --and what was your experience like ? and what side effects are there ? any success stories ? thanks !


Justine1 - July 20

Yes I did Puregon injections for my IVF-ICSI cycle in Feb 2005. Puregon has one of the best success rates - its a good drug to be on. Injections aren't much fun but its only 5 mins of pain each day. I got pregnant on my first IVF-ICSI and now have a 9-month old girl called Sophie - she was the only side effect!. Her website is at if you want to see her. Good luck.


lifequest - July 21

Hi patrizia, I'm from Toronto,Canada, 35 and on Puregon doing IUI. I have already completed on cycle on meds which was unsuccessful. But pls...don't get discouraged. I too have heard it is a very good drug. I did blood work and ultrasounds everyday...with the spermwash and progestrone suppository right to the end. If you have any other question, let me know, I'd be glad to help you out, best I can. Are you doing IUI or IVF?


lifequest - July 21 more thing..don't worry about the injections they don't hurt, I did mine on my legs.


patrizia - July 21

thanks for your response girls. i live in italy and i am going for what they call "ovulation stimulation". after a whole bunch of fertility testing and laparoscopy in march-the RE believes my infertility is due to lack of ovulation. we are ttc for 18 months. my cycles are crazy !-does puregon regulate them a bit ? and also they told me to start the first shot-(on my stomach) on day 2. . I have to call them on day 1 of my cycle so i can go in for further blood work and ultrasounds. i will be trying this for 3 months--and then we will see. good luck girls--any other info would be great !


lifequest - July 21

Hey patrizia, I'm actually Italian too! Both my parents were born in Italy. Anyways, my Dr. says you can do the injection on your leg or stomach, it doesn't make a difference. Puregon will help regulate you, since they will keep watching you...through the whole process, the ultra sounds will be able to see if you have any eggs in your ovaries, and the blood work they do, will keep an eye on your hormones and their levels. I too have to do this for 3 cycles...but my doctor wants me to do it every other month with the medicine, so my ovaries get a break...on the months that I don't do the Puregon, I just go in starting from day 3 of my cycle for blood work and ultrasound. They will do the spermwash for my husband, and then insemated it in me too. Good luck .......and FORZA ITALIA! Congratulations on the World Cup....we had a very BIG celebration here in Canada, it was beautiful!!!!


Justine1 - July 21

In my case (IVF-ICSI due to male infertility in England) the Puregon was used as a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to make me produce more eggs than normal to increase the chances of pregnancy. I got 22 eggs on the lowest dose my clinic does so Puregon was very effective for me. The information I was given didn't say it regulated my cycle - infact I had to take a different drug called Cetrorelix with it to regulate my cycle. I was told by my clinic to do the injections in my stomach too, they said I could do them on my leg but it was better to do them on my stomach. Hope you get pregnant soon.


lifequest - July 22

Thanks Justine1 for your info...I'm sure that this drug is used for many reason dealing with fertility. Wow, 22 eggs, did they have to cancel that cycle. I think that be considered over stimulated ovaries. My friend had the same thing happen with 18 eggs. My dr. will only continue the cycle with the most 4 to 6. It's so intresting how this drug is used so differently all over the world. I would love to hear more from both you and Patrizia. I will be leaving to Mexico Saturday, (tommorow) and returning in a I look forward to talking to both of you the mean time, BEST OF LUCK and BABY DUST to you both!!


patrizia - July 22

thanks for your support justine1 and lifequest!---i was wating for months to start fertility treatments and now that i am about to start I AM SCARED !!!!!!!!. is that normal???? i guess i already see it failing before i begin, which is not the best attitude!|. anyways, i wonder how often i have to go in for the ultrasounds ? and if the ovaries are producing to many eggs what can be done ? plus are there any side effects like dizziness, headaches, bloating , weight gain ? i guess i want to be prepared for everything-( sorry if i am annoying ).


Justine1 - July 22

Hi Patrizia and Lifequest. Patrizia - Its very normal to be scared before fertility treatment and to think it will fail. I never thought I would have any children when I found out we had to do IVF-ICSI and I was terrified of the treatment. Well the IVF-ICSI worked for me on the first attempt and I now have a lovely little girl who is 9 months old from it was definately worth it. I didn't have any side effects from the Puregon. It will vary from clinic to clinic how often your ultrasounds are. I think I had 3 ultrasounds over the two weeks of treatment. I am also naturally pregnant (a big surprise) with our second child now - 11 weeks or so, even though we'ld be told by the doctors we'ld never get pregnant naturally. After you have had a child you are very fertile so if you want more than one its worth trying straight after your first AF following the birth of your baby - I know a few people who have taken years to conceive the first then tried straightaway for the second and got pregnant very quickly. I bottlefed my baby (she was tiny 5lbs 5 oz when she was born and couldn't breastfeed) which makes AF come back very early - after 6 weeks for me. If the ovaries produce far too many eggs they will cancel the cycle because its dangerous to proceed but this is not very common - people who are underweight, have PCOS or are under 25 are more likely to have this, if its a few too many they will give you the option to cancel, freeze the eggs or continue. Lifequest - I got 22 eggs, which is above what they aim for - they aim for 10 to 15 at my clinic for IVF. I was given the option to cancel but advised to continue as the risk of severe hyperstimulation was thought to be low. I continued, became pregnant and got my baby Sophie in October. I did get mild hyperstimulation and bled from week 6 to week 14 of my pregnancy but it all turned out fine. I hope you have a great time in Mexico - I'ld love to go there. We were due to go to the Carribean this winter but as I'm pregnant now we can't go but we are going to Sorrento for a week at the start of September. Hope both of you get pregnant soon.


patrizia - July 24

thanks justine for all your information--and most of all CONGRATS on your new pregnancy ---!i too- heard that even if the first pregnancy was difficult, -takes a long time to get pregnant- doesnt mean the next will be that way ---and you are a prefect example of that !. in fact when i had my lap done on march 30- the girl in the same hospital room with me ( i live in italy and they make you stay 2 days in the hospital for laparoscopy) got pregnt through insemination and she was now pregnant again naturally and was in the hospital because she had some bleeding.---however when i left the doctors were very optomistic about her pregnancy, regardless of her complications. i am so scared ! i keep torturing myself with evil thoughts that it will never happen for me ! i wonder why they did not opt for clomid instead of PUREGON. maybe puregon works better or are they completely different drugs ?. ---lifequest---how are things going ?


Justine1 - July 25

Hi Patrizia - Thank you so much for the congrats. I hope to be congratulating you soon. I don't know anything about Clomid - it wasn't one of the drugs I had to chose from though lots of people here seem to be on it. I hope you and Lifequest both get a 2007 baby (or two) from it. Do you know how long it is before you start treatment?


patrizia - July 26

hi justine1----i have to start treatment i guess any day now-( i also have irregular cycles)--i am waiting for af---then i have to call my RE on day 1 of my cycle and she will tell me when i have to go in for an ultrasound and blood tests --and then on day 2 (at night) i have to start the injections---does that sound about right ? well it would be great if af did not arrive---and i would get that long wanted bfp---but whatever the case is i will be fine. is just another mountain i need to climb. ---as my mom always says---there is ALWAYS light at the end of a tunnel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Justine1 - July 27

Hi Partizia - That treatment plan sounds similar to mine, which hopefully means it'll work first time for you too. I just had my first scan today and saw the heartbeat for the first time, found out I'm 16 weeks instead of 12 weeks (must have had implantation bleeding which I mistook for AF) and the doctor thinks its most likely a boy. My due date is 11 Jan now. Its very exciting - I can feel movement now. Hope you get a BPF soon. Someone else said that their acupuncturist had said that they'ld had a few girls waiting to do IVF get pregnant naturally while doing acupuncture. I was doing acupuncture when I got pregnant with Sophie - I don't know if it helped but it does relax you and its totally painless. I think I probably got pregnant though as you are really fertile after giving birth.



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