Anyone doing their BETA, thisThur 6,2006?
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lifequest - July 4

Okay I'm so nervous...lucky it was a long weekend, because I help time go by. I am getting my Beta done in 3 days. I'm hoping for a BFP! I'm actually waiting for a micacle! Anyone else in my shoes? The long 2 weeks are finally up in a few short days....


ttippens - July 4

I'm in your same shoes my 2ww will be over this Wed. I have taken two EPT hpt, one on Friday 9dpo and one Sunday 11dpo and they both came back BFN. I'm hoping that it was too early. I have been feeling mild cramps like af is coming. I'm praying for the best. And baby dust to you... What symptoms have you been having if any at all? Did you have an IUI?


lifequest - July 4

Hey ttippens, glad to hear from you. I did IUI, did you? As for symptoms, I have had a lot of GAS, bloated feeling, and a cold like itchy feeling in my nose. Weird eh? I have had some mild "dull cramping feeling, since 3 days after the IUI. I have watery yellowish to white discharge...and that's about it....Those test could be wrong, since they were done dust to you, and good luck!


ttippens - July 5

Hey lifequest, hope you had a great holiday. Well tomorrow is the big day, I hope you will have some great news to report. Well I took another test on Monday a First Early Response and I had a faint line, I tested again early Tuesday morning and Ihad the same result a very faint line. Part of me got a little excited but I didn't allow myself to get overly excited or even tell my DH, because I don't want it to be a false positive. I did have a IUI on June 21, I was scheduled for a IUI on the 20the also but my DH insisted that we BD that morning and he couldn't give a sample at the doc's office. As for my symptoms I have been extremely tired, crashing as soon as I get in from work, dragging out of my bed in the morning, have bouts of moodiness, and mild cramping like af is around the corner. She's due tomorrow and so far no spotting or anything and actually these cramps don't feel exactly the same as when she's coming. But I am trying not to really put a lot on it because I don't want to sike myself into thinking that I am having all these symptoms. Did your doc put you on progetserone suppositories? I am and I will be glad when these phase of my cyle is over but he said he did want me to continue them for a month if I am preg. And my DH and I are anxious to find out because we had a big response to the meds, I had about 5 good size embryos, twins would be great but anything more we have to pray about it. What type of treatment did you do?


lifequest - July 5

ttippens, I did IUI, As for how I'm doing well, yesturday I had streaks of blood, than I did a HTP...BFN. The bleeding was very small, just in my cm. No new sypmtoms to report. But just minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and had a lot more blood, I think It's AF, this time...forsure. I do BETA, tommorow, but I'm not confident about my results. Best of Luck to you!!!


ttippens - July 7

lifequest sorry I'm posting so late but I've had a very busy day at work, I just went in this evening to have my BETA and I will get my results tomorrow morning. I haven't spotted today at all but when I wipe I have some brownish discharge. I don't know if you believe in prayer but you are in mine, every morning and when ever it crosses my mind I pray and ask for strength and His will to be done because stressing is not the answer. Keep the faith I have been trying to conceive for over 6 years and I just turned 31 and felt like my time was coming to an end. I will have another BETA Sat to make sure that everything is progressing well and I have my first appt with the RE on July 20. So I'm staying hopeful and prayful for me and everyone fighting this battle and who have been on this long emotional lourney. BABY DUST...........


lifequest - July 7

ttippens; I do believe in prayer and have lots of faith in God. I too, pray for you and everyone else going through this. Well don't give up, your still young. I'm 35 and the dr. told me I still have lots of years ahead. Your beta is it a preg. test. If so keep me up date, and best of luck...thanks for your support.



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