Anyone doing follistim injections?
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lucy206 - October 15

Hi - I just was put on Follistim injections. Today is day 1 of injections. I have done 3 cycles of Clomid - but the doctors weren't happy with the results. So any info about this injection would help.


Lucky717 - October 16

Hi Lucy,

What is Follistem? I was on Clomid for 2 cycles and it raied my progesterone levels a lot but we didn't conceive. I hate the side effects so I am switching to Femara for one or two cycles and if that doesn't work I may try injectables. Tell me more about Follistim though. Thanks!


lucy206 - October 16

Hi Lucky - Follistim is an injection that I started taking day 2 of my cycle. I inject myself every evening - for about 8-9 days. My dosage right now is 100mg. I really don't know much about it - that is why I started this message. Clomid wasn't working for me low follicle numbers - supposily this will bring higher numbers. I still will do the Ovidrel shot - when they tell be followed by an IUI.


JenG - October 16

I was taking Follistim during my injection/IUI cycles and will be taking now as part of IVF. It is in the same family as Gonal-F and is a good drug. It worked well for me and the shots are pin needles so they really do not hurt. Good luck!


lucy206 - October 17

Jen - did you find that you produced more follicles on Follistim? I was up to 150mg of clomid and only had 1 follicle. They are hoping my body responses better on this. I go in for an ultrasound on Fri.


chrispea - October 17

Hi Lucy - This is my first IUI cycle - I was on 150IU of Follistum up until my HCG shot. I go in for my blood test tomorrow but I have tested positive with 4 different hpt's in the past 24 hours!! I had 3 follicles at the time of the IUI's.


mrshorse - October 18

I too have taken follistim. I'm up to 150mg. I haven' had nuch luck yet, but clomid really sis nothing for me. I have taken for about 4-5 cycles and didn't have any side effects. i hope it works for you, and sorry I don't know more about the meds I take. I too am about to do IVF. Good luck to you and baby dust.


mrshorse - October 18

Oh and I had crazy amounts of follicles. My tech stopped counting and put it has 25 plus. Out of them about 5 would be large enough. I also had to take month 3 off because my follicles from the month before didn't rupture. I did have slight pain because my overies were large from all of them. But nothing terrible. I hope that helps a little. If you have any questions for me (I know I'm forgetting stuff) I'll check back. Good luck!!!


dea - October 18

I did one cycle of Clomid (100 mg) 2 follicles... on Follistim (75 mg) I produced 6 follicles. I also was injecting Lupron at the same time. I did back-to-back IUI's. I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I was very bloated on the drugs but, of course, it was all worth it. ~~GL Ladies~~


dea - October 18

I also used the trigger shot (Ovidrel) before the first IUI. Timing is essential-or all the work will be for nothing.


patrizia - October 18

hey dea--good luck on your pregnancy. i was wonering why youwere also doing LUPRON with follitism--do you have endo ? i have been doing injections of puregon which is the name for follitism in europe. they had me sit out this month due to suspected endo that grows back. i was just curious why they had you do LUPRON also ? . good luck.


JenG - October 18

Hi Lucy 206, Yes, Follistim is a powerful drug. I took Clomid as well and only produced 1 follie. When on Follistim with IUI, they generally want 3-5 follies. I did 3-4 every time, so it really produces. Now that I am moving on to IVF, they will try for 12-20. You are in a whole new ballgame with this drug.


dea - October 19

PATRIZIA: Dh and I had a problem with sprem counts... I was o-ing fine. But, my RE is an incredible doctor and likes to cover all the bases. So honestly- I'm not 100% sure why he had me injecting Lupron too, I just know that the cocktail he perscribed worked! Yes, JENG: Follistim is a whole new level of stimulation- I agree. :o) GL everyone!!


lucy206 - October 20

Hi - Went to the doctors today for bloodwork and ultrasound - a little upset - being that they said this was a more powerful medication - I only got one follicle on my left side - none on the right. I am really bummed out. But as my husband said - all we need is one for it to work. I was hoping for more - to raise my chances of getting pregnant.


JenG - October 20

Hi, what did they start you with? Injections and all the drugs are trial and error in some part. It may be the dosage or the choice drug. I would try to find out from the RE why they do not think it worked as well and what they will change in the following cycle to improve results. Also, what was your baseline FSH?


lucy206 - October 22

Hi - well I'm in a better mood then last time. Went to the doctos this morning - I have a lot of follicles - it was about 5 on each side. Only about 4 are a good size. Still that is better then the 1 (from the other day). I am taking ovidrel tonight and going in for an iui on Monday - they originally said tuesday - but after looking over my blood test - my levels are showing ovulation.
So - hopefully this follistim works - if not I'll definitly do this drug again.


JenG - October 24

Hi, it sounds like it produced the results it was supposed to. 4 follies is right on. More than that on an IUI is careless and then you possibly get into thinking about selective reduction if something was to happen. Good luck!



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