anyone concieve after p.i.d. due to d&c
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jessika - September 18

I was 4mo pregnant when i found out i had a blighted ovum my ob/gyn suggested me to have a d&c. I did to my regret. anyways I bled for over a month and my hcg did not drop for over a month. I had horrible cramping and ended up in the e.r. and they diagnosed me with p.i.d. my regular dr. could not confirm it was p.i.d. and suggested i finish all the antibiotics and i did, the ob/gyn ordered an ultrasound and i found out i had fluid and a clot in my utrerus from them not getting everything out. and i refused to have another d&c. my regular dr. told me it would flush itself out. The ob said while i was bleeding it was my period and i have had two periods since although they are not regular. I cannot figure out when i ovulate. i have never had any s.t.d.s and i am only 19. It took my and my boyfriend who is 30 about year to concieve and i want to have his child.I am scared of infertility or ectopic pregnancies due to the d&c. Thanks



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