Anyone BFP with no symptoms?
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Paula - November 20

I am on my 2nd IUI, 13 dpo, with hardley no symptoms at all. Breasts were slightly sore for a few days, but now they aren't at all, just shooting pains in them every now and then. Cramping comes and goes also. Usually my breasts are sore up to the day before AF, could this be a good sign? I had such high hopes for this cycle, but am implelled to prepare for a BFN.


Mega - November 21

Hi Paula. Anytime your typical AF symptoms change, it could be a good sign. Not to give you false hope, but I've heard lots of success stories from people who either had no symptoms or typical AF symptoms & still ended up with a BFP. So there's definitely still hope for you. Good luck! I should be getting my 2nd IUI on Friday, I guess. My follies are taking their own sweet time with the whole growing process, but I'm hopeful this IUI will be a success.


me - November 27

In my opinion, it is always better to think you are not pregnant than to convince yourself you are :) I am pregnant only 5 weeks total, and I only have breast soreness now. I had cramping on and off all last week, but nothing else. Anything abnormal for you is usually a good sign. For me, I was really bloated more than a week before Af was due. Other than that, nothing else was different for me until I confirmed the pregnancy via bloodtest. Not all women get all the symptoms talked about on this forum! However, I would not read into every little sign either. You know what is normal for you, so go on that. Best of luck to you!!


me - November 28

FYI- I got back from my RE appt and my dr said that no symptoms is possible for some women. I had a few symptoms, but they subsided. The dr said that is normal. Hopefully this is it for you! Good luck!



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