anyone been trying for over 5 years
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Mandy - March 29

hey everyone... i was just wanting to start a forum to talk with people that have been trying for what seems like a long time. Ive took clomid aug. and sept of 2005 and im hoping to try again in may. I have a doctors apt in april. Looking forward to talking with others .. take care and baby dust to all


PrincessElbows - March 30

Hi Mandy,
We haven't been ttc for 5 years yet, only 2.5 years, but it seems very long...We had a m/c in March 2005 and I am on my second round of Clomid. A friend is 14 weeks pregnant after trying 3.5 years, she was on bromocriptine. I'm thinking of IUI at this point and really really trying to stay positive. baby dust to us all!


wannabeamom - March 30

Hi Mandy, it will be 4 years for me in July. I am currently in my 2ww. If AF comes I will be in my 6th cycle with Clomid. After that I will be more aggressive and go to a RE. I will have to wait a few months though, My insurance requires me to be covered for one year continuously. So only 2 months to wait. I don't think it will hurt me to take a month or two off. I am on an emotional rollcoaster. Well goodluck to you and PrincessElbows.


Becca - March 30

Hi! I have been trying for 4 1/2 years and have been seeing an RE for 1 year now but we are being forced to take a break from that because the fertility drugs are beginning to take a toll on my body and on our savings. RE wants us to consider IVF. I don't have periods on my own and about a year and a half ago was told I had PCOS and then 6 months ago found out I was insulin resistant. We are hoping that with my new metformin and diet I will be able to ovulate on my own so we still have a chance of getting pg.


Amanda - March 30

I wish I could get medical insurance to cover the fert. treatment... my insurance only covers the testing to find out if we are infertile. So i pay straight out of pocket for all medications and what ever else.. i wish there was a insurance that you could just take out.. both my husband and i have been tested and we are both fine.. except for the fact i just dont ovulate.. (hmmm that is a big problem lol) i have had a hsg done and my doctor said that everything looked beautiful... i had to stop trying in october because my mother pasted away.. so im going to get back at it and not give up. how old is everyone in here.. im 24



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