anyone been on heparin injections when pregnant
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teigan xx - August 15

just wondered if anyone has been on heparin injections whilst pregnant, i have suffered 4 m/cs and they have put me on these injections, progestorone and asprin, i feel like crap all the time and my heart rate is picking up, wondered if anyone else knows about it.. any advice would be great xxxxx


Beth - August 15

Teigan xx I am on Lovenox and aspirin. Lovenox is a low molecular weight heparin, less side effects, easier dosing (once a day) and no monitoring of blood work. The injections still go into the stomach and BOY DO THEY HURT! Why is your doctor using heparin so early? In the US (I don't know where you live) almost all OB's and RE's have swiched to using Fragmin or Lovenox to avoid side effects then switch to heparin only 2 weeks before delivery. I had a miscarriage last fall and was later diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder that increases risks of miscarriage. I'm not on progesterone but I am on Femara to ovulate I have PCOS. My heart is racing as well but I don't think it's from the Lovenox I'm pretty sure mines from the HCG injection I got 2 weeks ago. Good luck.


teigan - August 15

thanx 4 your response beth, he has me on heparin just as a precaution, as i have had 4 m/cs i think there just giving me everything, im in the uk, and im having to use these injections until i give birth, im only 5 weeks!!!! i feel awful how fast is your heart rate going, my resting is 74 to 80, but i only swept up on the laminate and it was 144, i am worried, i rang my specialist and he wants to have a look at me tommorow, im so worried, i cant get up with out feeling weird...


Sue Z. 38 - August 15

Teigan xx, I will be on Lovenox the day I do my next IUI and I'm on baby asprin now. For my son I was on fragmin till the end of the 37th or 38th week. I can remember exactly. I have an immunity disorder ANA. I had two m/c's before I got pregnant with my son. They only bothered me when the injection spots got tender. I looked like I was beaten with a baseball bat too. It's a small price to pay and I'd endure a lot worse for a beautiful healthy baby.


teigan - August 15

yep i know the feeling, i was told to put the injections in my arms and legs, and thought christ this hurts alot, so i decided to look on the internet and what did it say " DONT INJECT INTO MUSCLE" and they had done my first injection in my bloody muscle, and im ment to trust these people, so now i inject them into my tummy, which does hurt a little, but when my hubby did it it hurt more, he even stabbed himself twice, i didnt laugh honest, aniways, i feel so crappy its not funny,im scared im gona drop down dead, i know i wont but i knpow i might... did that make sense
anyways takecare pregnant ladies all over the world.... sprinkling baby dust xxx



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