Anyone become Clomid resistant?
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Mega - January 26

I have been taking Clomid for several months, this is my 2nd month on 150 mgs of Clomid (& estrogen patches for the uterine lining) & now according to my 2nd u/s this cycle my follies have stopped growing. I'm on CD 15, my biggest follie is still measuring 14mm, same as it was on Monday. I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Also, is there a chance that my follie could still grow & this IUI cycle be salvaged? I have another scan on Sunday, & that will determine whether I'll have the IUI Tuesday or just scrap it this cycle & switch to injectibles. TIA!


star - January 27

Hi Mega, I was on Clomid for 12 to 13 cycles. On the first cycle of 150 mg, I ovulated on my own... but i did not get pregnant as my mucus was too thick and not allowing the sperms to get past the cervix. On second cycle of clomid... my eggs stopped to grow after cycle day 15.. after which I started taking injectable along with clomid, and an IUI... and we were succesfull and now I am 7 weeks pregnant with a single baby. Hope you are aware that with injectables the chaces of multiple births is higher.


Mega - January 27

Hi Star. Thanks for responding. That's wonderful about your pregnancy. Congrats! I hope it continues to be a healthy & happy 7 more months for you! So I guess it's not that unusual then for eggs to stop growing after being on Clomid for a while. It helps knowing I'm not the only one. :) Yeah, my DH & I were just joking last night about the increased liklihood of multiples with injectables last night. Twins run in my family, so I wouldn't be too surprised if I get blessed doubly. What injectable did you use?



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