Anyone agree?
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June - March 10

Hi all....I was just reading some info online about pregnancy symptoms...It seems during the 2ww everyone expects symptoms such as nausea, breast pains , peeing exccesively and so on. Guess what ladies....There arent suppose to be any sympatoms as these in the 2ww ..First, only after implantation well after it ...ldo we expect to be sick , and frequent urination again only later in the following weeks once the placenta starts growing. I think we read too much into things and make ourselves believe we have symptoms....And also this coming from MD's that the supposed Implantion bleeding is more rare than common..Most women do not bleed after ovulation and the one that do are more commnly NOT pregnant...I also read that the implantation DIP is more likely fictional.....I really think we try to read too much into things becasue we all wish so hard.....Anyone agree with me?


Mega - March 10

I don't entirely disagree with you, we're all on this board b/c we want to get PG & it hasn't been as easy as we'd like. So each cycle we tend to overanalyze every little thing our body does. I've been guilty more than a couple times of reading too much into my signs, but I don't think the symptoms were all in my head per se. Let's not forget a lot of women on this board are on fertility drugs, hormones, trigger shots as well which can cause the symptoms you mentioned above--very real symptoms. Also, each PG is different, so I suppose some women can get early PG symptoms, but yes definitely only after implantation. That's just my take on things! And you brought up a lot of really good points. Good luck June!


June - March 10

I'm as guilty as the next woman ..LOL.....Yes some women may feel more due to fertilty drugs and whatnot...I just hate this!!! AGHRRRR


Mega - March 10

I hear ya! It's frustrating, no doubt about it! But I look at it like think how much more relaxed of parents we'll be b/c of what we went through to even have a baby! I think we'll appreciate our darlings even more than the woman who looks at her hubby & seems to get PG. How long have you been trying? Have you tried Clomid or Femara or any other drugs yet?


Ann - March 10

I agree with Mega. I think it is in our heads sometimes, but most of the time I think we feel something. It seems like most of the symptoms mirror pre-af symptoms, so we probably feel it although it is not due to pg! Also, I think we are paying such close attention to our bodies that we notice more things. With a lot of the minor things, we probably never would have even noticed them had we not been ttc! I totally agree with you both that we could only have pg symptoms after implantation.


June - March 10

Hi Mega, No actually I'm not taking anything ...I don't have any issues concieving that I know of...My problem is that I'm not sure I'm producing enough EWCM or if any. Mine seems to be watery all the time..I have been trying for 3 months.....But I agree 10000% when they arrive we will be so much more patient and we will treat them like little kings and queens!


crystal - March 10

I agree, and i'm guilty!!! I want to be pregnant to bad that any little sign i hold on to and pray and pray, and get over excited. that's why i'm so disappointed when i finally get my period cuz i've already worked myself up. hey at least i can admit it. I realize i just need to relax more, but it's easier said than done. time for a vacation. :) have a great after noon ladies.



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