Anyone af due on 19/4 ?
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Lewis' Mummy - April 16

Thanks kitten, I agree that, as much help as this site has been I have became obsessed and reliant on it . I find i check it when i get up, then late afternoon and then for about 3 hours of a night time [its not good]. I know im really gonna miss this site and you ladies but i know for my own sanity ive got to go. Loads of luck and baby dust being sent. let us know how you go on Good luck.x x x


May - April 18

Lewis Mummy, so funny that you say that bc I honestly was not even going to get back on to let you all know I am not pregnant either. I have also become totally obsessed with checking this whole site. I have got to focus on my son and get my mind off this preggo thing by walking and appreciating all that I do have right now. I will never get this time with my son again, and I do not need to waste it obsessing about another baby. You guys have been great for me, and probably helped my come to this realization. Good luck to you all!!!


shan - April 18

Hi I am also due for af on the 19th, i have a two year old daughter (naturally) and this time i have been off the pill since last july and on clomid now for my second round. We had sex every other day for a week around ovulation time (it's just not the same when it is not spontaneous, is it?) But i just know i will start af, i am not even getting my hopes up this time. I am getting so frustrated. Baby dust to everybody, keep me informed.


Kitten!! - April 19

No luck for me either!! Baby dust to you all!! I think we may have all helped eachother out. Baby dust to you May and Lewis' Mummy. I too need to focus on my son, my hubby, myself, and the here and now. If we keep obsessin, we will lose soo much time with our loved ones!! Thanks for everything. xoxo


Tasha matthew - April 22

I want ovulex to get pregant fast.



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