Anyone af due on 19/4 ?
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Lewis' mummy - April 12

hHi ladies, do you know what, Im sure i'd have gone mad if I hadn't been able to talk you,THANK YOU soooo much. I'm starting to feel more like its af coming now I've got period pains and Im starting to get moody. As for the leaking dh [suddenly the expert] says that it can be caused by wanting a baby soooo badly,you make your body believe it is pg, when its not [hope he is wrong].I was in intensive because I had severe eclampsia and kept fitting even after they had delivered my son [all 4lb 1/2 oz of him] 8weeks early. I've actually asked questions on another page.
Anyway how are you girls doing . Im not on ant medication or anything, But I am gonna go to my doctors if nothing happens this month, they dont take you seriously till you've spent a year trying [ dont believe its been that long] May, hows the ovulux going. Thanks for listening.
BABY DUST in excessive quantities to all. x x x


May - April 12

Hellooo! The Ovulex seems to going fine. I guess I will not really know until AF comes or doesn't (fingers crossed) come. I really have felt great this month, though. Not as "down" as I feel like I was in months past. It seems to kind've balance things out. I have also been on thyroid medicine and they dropped my daily dosage since i started taking Ovulex. So, we will see!!!! I am feeling like you in the crampy sore boobs department. Not feeling very positive about being pregnant. Will night give up all hope until Thursday morning. I always seem to start day 28 as soon as I wake up. I am usually going to the restroom to take a preg test, and boom the dreaded monthly visitor. I honestly can not believe that we have been trying as long as we have. It is bizarre that I have spent every month of the last year on pins and needles like this! No wonder I'm not preggo, I'm a constant basketcase!!! Will keep you posted, you do the same!!


Kitten!! - April 13

I guess we are all counting down together. The days seem to pass slowly when your waiting for an answer. I told Hubby about my symptoms, and also said I think that they are all in my head, cuz I want to be pregnant so bad. He does too, but ofcourse his response is it will happen when its time. Waiting feels soooo long, and I am glad I have you ladies to talk to. BABY DUST TO ALL!!


Lewis' mummy - April 13

Hi ya, I kinda just wish af would come [ i dont believe im saying that] that way the not knowing wouldn't be killing me and I could get the dissappointment over with.
My heart is really with you ladies and everyone ttc bc i know my life now seems consumed by ttc. Will keep checking in with the hope one of us has some good news [pleaseeee]
Baby dust to all x x x x


May - April 13

I still have not started but feel like I'm going to. Boobs are REALLY sore and my stomache is pretty tender or crampy or something. Very depressing!!!!!! I almost got very upset this morning bc I could just feel it coming!! Anyway, I'll be fine after a day or two of mourning. OR, Hopefully I am just being negative and I am preggo, but I'm thinking no. Hope you girls are feeling better about the situation. Good luck, tomorrow is DDay for me. (I sound really morbid, sorry)


Lewis' mummy - April 13

Hi May, I've got my fingers crossed for you, I know its hard ,I must have been to the toilet 20 times today just to check if Id come on, I hate this wait. Oh well it'll be worth it in the end. I hope you dont get a visit from af for at least 9 /10 months lets hope she is on strike. keep me updated , Good luck tomorrow Baby Dust being blown your way x x x


janel - April 14

my period is due on april the 18th, ive been on clomid for 6mos. and this month i feel pregnant, i too have heartburn, nasuea, and tired im also getting headaches. i too am wandering if i am making myself feel these symptoms, i did ask my doctor yesterday and she said it could be possible. good luck and keep in touch


Kitten!! - April 14

We all don't have too much longer to wait...........Maybe one of us will be pregnant!! Baby Dust To All!!
I think I have until the 16th to wait...................Last month my period came on day I'm kinds confused. Could be due today, tomarrow, or Saturday!! I just wanna know, but don't want to take a pregnancy test to jinx myself, set myself up for dissapointment, be upset, or waste the money!! Everyone keep us posted!! Thanks for all the support!!


Kitten!! - April 14

I don't want to sound negative (no pun intended), so lets all keep our spirits up, cross our fingers and think good, baby thought!! BABY DUST TO ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May - April 15

I did not start today, but I really feel like I will tomorrow. I was really tempted to just go out and buy a test, but I am going to give it until at least Saturday. I would just love it if one of us were preggo, I want exact details of everything that was done to get that way. We will see about me, but I am definitely having that going to start feeling. What is going on with you Vicki?


Lewis' mummy - April 15

Hi everyone,I am due today [the waiting is over {yeah}] She has not come yet, but it is only 10am, although normally i wake to find her.Ill give it till sunday morning then test ,if nothing [i hope].
I think shes coming though can feel it.
May you sound promising I really hope this is the month you. Let me know what is happening. Kitten I was also a day early last month which is why i kind of expect to come on a day late this month so it can sort itself out [i dont know if it works like that though] Let us know how it goes tomorrow fingers crossed for you.
Im starting to get really edgy just incase this COULD atually be the month.I hope so , but Im not holding my breath.
*****BABY DUST to all *****


May - April 15

I still did not start today, but I just feel like I am about to any minute. It is really making me crazy. I would go get a test, but that just gets my hopes way up and it is always such a letdown. It is like I would rather know nothing than see another negative. I think I have officially lost it! I am going to see my niece today to keep my mind off things, but will definitely test in the morning if "she" hasn't made an appearance. Every morning my stomach has really hurt, like across between diarhea (sorry) and cramps. I had some kind of stomach virus at the beginning of my last pregnancy so I really do not know how I started off feeling. I need to watch out bc I am starting to sike myself out. Baby dust to both of you. I just can't wait to see what the next few days bring for all of us! It has been really great to be able to write everyday. You just do not know how much better I am coping this month bc of ya'll!!!!!


Kitten!! - April 15

At least everyone sounds a lil upbeat. This waiting is carzy!! So much wondering, and stressing. Which is horrible, cuz stress can make you ovulate late, therefore making you miss judge your ovulation, and have les of a chance to get pregnant. Oh, I don't even want to say that!! I am soo crossing my fingers. Will one of us have good news?? Will we keep in touch afterwards?? The stress and wondering is almost too much. I feel like running to the store and getting a test. But I don''t want to jinx it!! We'll see. Baby Dust to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lewis' mummy - April 15

Hi ladies hope your all ok, well i am sad to say af visited full throttle this afternoon,[so i ve had my little cry] Im really confused now as to what all my symptoms are about [as i still have them]. Anyway on a brighter note its great to hear that she's not visited you yet I really hope you two dont see her for the next 9 months. Thanks for all the support these last 2 weeks I dont know what i'd have done if I hadnt been able to chat here. I'll keep checking in to see how you two are getting on but after that im not coming back for a while, i need to straighten my head out i've actually become really obsessive about getting pg . GOOD LUCK ive got my fingers crossed for you. BABY DUST to all. x x x x x


Kitten!! - April 16

Lewis' Mummy......................
I am so sorry!! I know the dissapointment you are feeling right now. And I know nothing any of us can say will make you feel any better. Especially because we don't know when you will become pregnant.I've become totally obsessed with trying to get pregnant too. I think maybe us always being on the computer is helping us to become more obsessed with this. Baby Dust to All!!


Lewis' Mummy - April 16

Thanks kitten, I agree that, as much help as this site has been I have became obsessed and reliant on it . I find i check it when i get up, then late afternoon and then for about 3 hours of a night time [its not good]. I know im really gonna miss this site and you ladies but i know for my own sanity ive got to go. Loads of luck and baby dust being sent. let us know how you go on Good luck.x x x



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