Anyone af due on 19/4 ?
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Lewis'mummy - April 6

hi, im trying for my 2nd i have a lovely 3 year old and for the last 14 months have been ttc, this month i am having syptoms like ; being shattered by 6pm , gassy, nauseus and heartburn i'm worried these are just me making myself feel them as im sure its too early isn't it? i had sex on 2 days leading to ovulatuin and to days after. I would love to know if anyone else is in same boat as me or can give any advice, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TTC.X X


Jenna - April 6

Hi Lewis' mommy, I was 4 days late and started my period the 4th....but see i am having the cravings, and cramps, and lower back pain, but i dont wanna take a hpt because i dont wanna see another -ive. I am nausiated almost all the time and like last night my fiance freaked out, I ate popcorn and was dipping it in devils food chocolate pudding, but it is what I was "craving", He said, "I don't see how you cannot be pregnant the way you are eating.". I was like I dunno to me it is VERY GOOD AND DELICIOUS....Well yea, also I was mixing alot at dinner time too, mashed potatoes, white gravy, and macaroni & cheese, he had to turn his head because it was making him sick..Another thing I am always craving is CHOCOLATE...all the time. Could I be pregnant?.....It upsets me when I do see a -ive, because we have been chosing baby names for both a girl and a boy, but still nothing yet. I don't know what to do now.......BABY DUST BABY DUST BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!


May - April 7

Hey Lewis' Mum. We are in the EXACT situation. We have also been trying for a little over a year for our second. Have a precious three year old little boy. Just wish we could give him a brother or sister. I feel all the same stuff it seems like every month. I am due to start on the 14th of April. One more long week of waiting. I did start taking this herbal supplement called Ovulex this month. We'll see if it actually helps. Anyway, my heart goes out to you bc it truly is the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I would gladly go through the worst childbirth ten times over to get another baby. All of this really makes you realize how precious kids are!!!!! I do not, however, think it is too early to feel those things if you are preggo, so keep your spirits up, maybe this is THE MONTH!!!!!!!!


lewis'mummy - April 7

thank you ladies, its nice to feel i can talk to someone that understands, my family are all highly fertile and dh gets down about it taking so long so i dont let on to him as to how upset i really am each month,jenna you could be experiencing symptoms you can still have af even if you are pg, or it could be implantation bleeding . i've got my fingers crossed for you hun.
May, let me know how the ovulux goes i'll look into it over here.
My son is getting just as frustrated at lack of sibling as i am, its all he goes on about even though we dont talk about it in front of him. i hope the syptoms are real, i just dont wanna build myself up again the knok backs are getting harder each time especially because i fell for my 1st on the 1st time me and dh didnt use any precautions, i'll never take being a mummy for granted each little angel is a miracle of there own. anyway i hope we can both come back here next week screaming cause we got +ve. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE X X


Leewis'mummy - April 7

its not the 19th its the 15th af is due. see i must be i keep getting things muddled up [i wish] lol


May - April 7

Will be gone over the weekend so won't be able to write. I will check back in sunday night to see if you have any feelings one way or the other. I just can't tell. I am trying not to sike myself out too bad!!! anyway, have a great weekend!!!!


Lewis' mummy - April 8

May , have a lovely weekend, im getting more confused as time gets nearer, my symptoms keep coming and going so i dont think i am pg, but i hope so, this build up every month is painful, Anyway not long now and hopefully we will both loose af for 10 months before shes back to visit. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE TTC.x x


Kitten!! - April 9

Sometimes while waiting for my period I seem to feel signs that could mean I'm pregnant. What a dissapointment when were I'm not. Hubby just doesn't seem to feel like me. He wants a lil girl soooooooooooo bad and so do I, but every month or time we talk about it he says it will haooen when it happens, or when it's supposed to. Maybe they feel like us but just hide it better. I'm supposed to get my time of the month around the 16th to 18th!! Baby dust to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


lewis' mummy - April 9

hi kitten, thanks for taking the time to reply, i know dh wants one,i think he hides feelings because he doesn't want to seem too bothered each month when its -ve, but i had a false test [positive for 30 mins then negative] about 6 months ago, it was painful for me but killed him, he actually lost his sparkle for about 5 weeks, so with him i think its self preservation[wish i could do something like that] maybe all blokes do it. So your on that count down too, i've got six days till due, i just wish it would hurry up, the wait is the hardest bit! I really hope i hear some good news from you.
[ then we will see how unbothered the men are, NOT. Anyway keep me updated , i've got everything crossed for you. GOOD LUCK and BABYDUST TO ALL. x x


lewis' mummy - April 10

i'm confused now all of those symptoms that i was feeling have gone, just mild stomach cramps, think af is coming early, [boo hooo].
oh well i could be wrong [i wish]. hope you girls are having luck. Baby dust to all.x.x.


lewis' mummy - April 10

ok please try to explain [im going mad now]. just got out of the bath and my breats are leaking a creamy substance,more comes out if i squeeze gently. I know as a mother i should know, but my milk never came in when i was pregnant with my son, and i was unconcious in intensive care till he was 10 days old so i assume i had dried up by then. could this be a sign or should i be worrying its something else. PLEASE HELP. i wish af would hurry up if shes coming.BABBY DUST to all. x x


May - April 10

Hey! I do not remember that with my first pregnancy but that is definitely what happened after delivery. How possibly exciting!!!! I know that never happens before I start!! I am kind've where you are. Have felt mild naseau but also mild cramps (I think)! Due to start on Thursday. I also just realized today that Ovulex sent like28 extra pills in bottle. Wonder if that is normal? You are in my thoughts and keep me posted. By the way, my husband also plays that "it will happen when it is supposed to" game. But all of his friends wives are getting pg and i can tell it is starting to bother him. He is really good, though, about not blaming anyone or taking his frustration out on me (thank God). I think that scenario might just push me right into a state of insanity. Feel sorry for women who have to go through that!! Baby dust!!!


Lewis' mummy - April 11

Hi May, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you it would be great if we both got the result we wanted,I'm just worried about getting my hopes up dont want another -ve . Got to try and stay poitive [no pun intended] anyway with all the symptoms flying around us ,one of us must be. x x


Kitten!! - April 12

Hubby and I went to go visit our beautiful 6 month old niece this weekend!! Hubby gets this look on her face every time he holds her. And then he talks about how bad he wants a baby girl. When your around a baby it makes you want one that much more. The past few days I've felt nauseus. I think it's just make believe though. My sister said when she was trying for her daughter she would feel sick all the time. It's like you want it sooooo bad you almost make yourself believe you are pregnant. Now that I'm home, I feel those pms symptoms kickin in. I told hubby, and he said I also was like that when I was pregnant. HA, I don't remember. I guess we forget what it was like so we will want to get pregnent again. I know all you ladies feel the same as me. Sometimes we need a woman to talk to. Thanks for listenin.
As for the nipple leaks, you can have milk that early on. As for me, I still have milk from my last baby, and he's over 2. Ofcourse, I did nurse for a year and a half though. Lewis' Mommy.......You were unconciouse for ten days?? If you don't mind me asking..why?? Also, I know some medicines can have that side affect. Also, I wonder if with us thinking we are pregnant we could create real symptoms like developing milk?? Baby Dust!!


Kitten!! - April 12

I meant I now medicine can make ppl leak!!


May - April 12

Hey, I'll keep checking in! Hope you are feeling sicker than ever!!!! Ha! Ha! These last few days are the hardest for me. It is almost like I am trying to think negative so that I don't get my hopes up again. The most frustrating part is that I really want my kids to be close in age. If, heaven forbid, you were not preggo (sorry, shouldn't even say that) would you guys try or have you already tried other things like clomid, etc. Just wondering??? Baby dust times a million!!!!!!


Lewis' mummy - April 12

hHi ladies, do you know what, Im sure i'd have gone mad if I hadn't been able to talk you,THANK YOU soooo much. I'm starting to feel more like its af coming now I've got period pains and Im starting to get moody. As for the leaking dh [suddenly the expert] says that it can be caused by wanting a baby soooo badly,you make your body believe it is pg, when its not [hope he is wrong].I was in intensive because I had severe eclampsia and kept fitting even after they had delivered my son [all 4lb 1/2 oz of him] 8weeks early. I've actually asked questions on another page.
Anyway how are you girls doing . Im not on ant medication or anything, But I am gonna go to my doctors if nothing happens this month, they dont take you seriously till you've spent a year trying [ dont believe its been that long] May, hows the ovulux going. Thanks for listening.
BABY DUST in excessive quantities to all. x x x



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