anYonE?? pLEASE HElP!!!!
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Gabz - January 13

ok so ive missed my period for 2 months now my last missed period was 11/05/2006 and ever since then have not received. My periods are regular. And i have had sexual intrcourse w/my fiancee. Ive never missed my period for this long.. I have taken like 7 urine test already ALL NEGATIVE. The only symptoms i have is, very tired, headaches,swollen breast (sort of tndr not sore), and ive gained weight. Can i BE pregnant?!?


newmommy - January 13

There's always the possibility that you are pregnant. But if it's been a few months, and you're getting neg. pregnancy tests, it's likely that you're not. There are many reasons for a very long cycle, or missing your period including an anovulatory cycle (one where you didn't ovulate) or stress. I've had 2 cycles in the last 10 months that lasted 11 weeks, and only came on because my periods were finally induced with medication (provera). Ask your Dr. about it.



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