Anyone 40 years old, pregnant after tubal reversal?
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Holly - July 11

I had a tubal reversal over a year ago. I wil be 40 in December and I am really starting to fear I will not become pregnant. My husband is 34, and has never fathered a child. have three from a previous marriage. Can anyone offer any hope?


Mimi - July 12

I am also 40 and ttc. I have 2 children from my first marriage and this is my second marriage. My husband has 1 daughter from a previous marriage. I have a friend who after 3 grown children, the youngest being 16 years old, decided to have more, had a tubal reversal and was pregnant by the 3rd month after the procedure. She now has 2 more children: a girl and a boy, ages 3 and 2. Good luck! It is possible. :) P.S. Infertility does decrease with age, however, do not get discourage for it is still very much possible. I am hopeful myself.



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