Anyone 17dpiui w/no AF and Neg HPT?
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Pam - July 22

I took a FRED this morning using 2nd morning urine and tested neg. My luteal phase is normally 15 days but I'm using progesterone and my nurse said that it can delay AF. Has anyone else been 17dpiui and tested neg using FRED and got a positive blood test. I was wondering because I am having a blood test on Monday and afraid my results may be negative there too. I'm not having the normal symptoms I have before AF is going to show. The symptoms I am having is urinating alot more and feeling bloated with mild pulling feeling in lower tummy and very very tired all the time. Usually before AF my bbs are sore and I have serious cramping and lower back ache, but none of that this time. This is my 4th IUI and I'm praying that this one worked.



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