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koshie - September 28

thank u


ELENA - September 29

thanks its good to have support :)


mrs.turnah - September 29

...thanks...from the one-tube-wonder...still tryin'


aish - September 29

mee too in need of baby dust


Nans - September 29

I really need baby a lot


Jamie - October 4

thank you soooo much! I need it as I'm running out of hope


sherry - October 4

i'll sprinkle some to, since every friend around me who ttc, and stays in touch with me, suddenly gets pregnant! got the magic touch to help others, so i here i go.......
***more baby dust and +++++++ vibes to everyone and all*******


linda ny - October 5

thank you so much i need all the dust i can get im 43 on my 7th iui


sherry - October 5

linda ny, i know lot of women who have done that many iui's. my re said 3 was his limit and then onto ivf. did they ever give you that option? i'd like to see you get the best chance possible, not letting them rack up bills on you for their own benefit while you are suffering, month by month! at 43 (which you aren't old, so never feel that way), they should move on, and let you get that baby you so desire. my dust is hitting you right now i can feel it. you have been through enough...God is going to bless you really soon, i can feel it. iam also from ny, if you ever wanna chat, just w/b hugs, sherry


MONICALIA - October 5

I'll take some of that!! Lol - THANKS! Here's to hoping BFP's for all :)


Indie - October 5

This is SO GREAT! Special thanks to Allie for starting this lovely thread. It's so amazing to me to see so many strangers come together and pour so much love onto other strangers. We are all going through this together. We all have our own unique stories, but we all share that same anxiety as our o approaches, stress over the two week wait and disappointment when that darn af rears her ugly head....I'm at day 14 of my cycle...just started my 2ww and could sure use all the baby dust I can get. I just wanted to say thanks for this inspirational thread. Hang in there everyone!!! It will happen!


Lisa - October 5

Thanks I could use some to !!!!!!


nadine - October 6

thank you. Lord only knows how much i need it as well as all my prayers!
Good luck and God bless you all. This road is so long and right now i see no light, i'm sure its there somewhere!


d - October 6

thanks. luck to all



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