anybody used precare conceive tabs???
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tanya - January 3

has anybody used the precare conceive tabs and had any luck with them and how did it take to get pregnant after using them?? have been TTC for 7 months now and still can not seem to conceive. any suggestions are welcome.


D - January 3

Hi Tanya, I use them and have for about 4 months now. I don't know that they will necessarly help you get pregnant any quicker, but they are a great pre-natal vitamin. I really like them as I don't get nausious at all with them. We have been trying to concieve 6 months, and now that the holidays are over I'm going to start using OPK's this month. Good luck to you.


tanya - January 3

what are OPK's?? i am new to this forun stuff and dont know all the abbreviations yet.


Dee(not the same as D) - January 4

opk's are ovulation prediction kits. they detect your LH surge(LH is the hormone you release before you ovulate) up to 3 days prior to ovulating. they're really good at helping you to figure out when you're ovulating so that you can conceive. good luck to you!


tanya - January 4

thanks dee, i use those to. i just dont know what the abbreviations are yet. i am also going to start the precare conceive tabs today and will let everybody know what happnes. good luck to you !



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