Anybody PG on 8.7 progesterone 7dpo
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Jackie - September 14

I have a 8.7 progesterone on 7dpo. I think I might be PG Has anybody carried a pregnancy after progesterone that low? We have een to somany Dr. and they all say something differant.


Lena - September 14

I would imagine that you are hearing different answers from different drs because progesterone at 8.7 at 7dpo is borderline. The target range for 7dpo is 10, however 8.7 isn't unrealistic for pregnancy. Progesterone levels continue to rise after ovulation and 8.7 would be in line if you ovulated later than anticipated. In this case you might actually be testing closer to 6 dpo and a level of 8.7 would be considered good. Its also possible for values to vary from one cycle to another, however we usually assume the lower level as accurate for treatement purposes. Does all of this make sense? Have you drs talked to you about progesterone supplements? If not, you might want to bring it up.


JAckie - September 14

Thanks for the info, yes i am on supplements but I just wanted to know if a viable pG is still possible



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