Anybody on Femara?
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Carole - May 18

Hey Girls! Long time no talk! I am back from vacation and done with all the activity that took place in May. First of all, CONGRATS DD!! I am so excited for you. I know you are bouncing off the walls. How awesome for you. I was able to check in on you guys while I was gone but not able to post. Sasha, I read about your scare. I am glad that everything is alright and things are progressing normally. When will you have your next appt? DD are you going to call your dr today and get tested? I am on day 3 of provera. Usually I get af 2 days after I finish the 10 day round. I will then go in for a baseline ultrasound on day 3. At that point they will prescribe my meds for injections. I am sure I will be monitored heavily thru the process to check on the follicles. WE are going to IUI as well, so I have already warned dh of possible timeframe. Hopefully he can do it at home and I can take it in. WE did that last time. I am excited yet nervous. This is sort of our last shot as the meds and IUI are too expensive to repeat and my insurance doesn't cover. I am so excited for you two. HOpefully I can join the crowd soon. I should know by the end of June if things worked or not. I will keep in touch better now. TAke care and have a great day!!


SashaP - May 18

Congrats DD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told you this was your month! You must be so floored right now. How are you going to tell DH? I'm so excited for you. I knew you were with your temps doing the same thing as mine did. Now you can join me on the first trimester board. Carole good luck with the IUI I know how expensive it gets. My insurance didn't cover it either. Baby dust and belly rubs....


DB - May 19

well, unfortunately i had to ask him to see if he saw a second line...I really thought I was seeing things!!! So, he is excited...what is the name of the thread on the first trimester board??? I am going tomorrow for a blood test and I should know my levels by tomorrow afternoon...Carole, good luck!!!


SashaP - May 19

I'm on a thread that has to do with being due in Jan but we can always start our own this one has gotten very long. The thread I'm on was started by singlemom. See you over there. I'll start a post looking for you today.


SashaP - May 26

Carole and Brit I wanted to let you know that on Tuesday I found out I was having twins and the next day I lost them both. I had to go yesterday for a D&C. I can start ttc again after 2 cycles. I'm just so hearbroken and lost right now. I hope you both are doing well.


VickyWantababy - December 24

Hi First time here and this is my first time trying Femara,already taking Met,baby aspirin and RE is going to do an hcg shot,on the 30th of december 06 I have to take all 10 femara pills 2.5mgs and on the 8th I have to go in for an ultrasound to see If I have any follies and if I do he is going to give me the shot wish me luck everybody...Also I have Pcos but on september I got pregnant on my break from BCP but I had a M/C on october 30th so now my RE put me on Femara and he said that my chances are very high bc of my age 28 and bc I just lost a whole buch of weight 65 to 70lbs and that for Pcos women if verry good on our infertility and I think thats why I got pregnant on my own on sept but unfurtunately it didin't stick,but I'm really hoping that I get pregnant as fast as this first cycle and I really hope and pray that it'll stick this time...Well thanks for reading this and Good luck to all in getting pregnant and congrats to those that are pregnant already...Love Vicky and Happy Holidays....


rmuza - August 6

I just started Femara and have been trying for six months. I went to get an ultrasound today and I had a folicle at 12.5.....but not the 18 that I need. I have PCOS but no weight issues.
I was wondering if anyone else is having these issues and what they did about it.



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