Anybody on Femara?
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SashaP - January 31

Hi K I start femara tomarrow 2/1 hopefully I will have as much success with it as you did. I started to figure there was no way my Dr would put me on femara if she thought it was dangerous. Your research confirmed it for me. I was happy to find out that my insurance covers this one since it's not considered a fertility drug. How's your pg going so far?


K - January 31

Good luck with the Femara! At least for me, there were hardly any side effects. One month none, and the other just a slight headache while I was on it. My pg has gone great to this point. Before infertility, I always thought I would hate being pregnant. When you have to work so hard and so long to get here, you love it. Until the end of last week when I started getting really uncomfortable, I was sad that it was almost over.


Victoria - January 31

I got pregnant in my first cycle with Femera!! Now I'm 30 weeks pregnant!!!! I guess I'm having a Femera Baby!!!!!! GOOD LUCK


SashaP - January 31

I can't wait to start the femara I hope I get as lucky as you guys. Do you guys know if your having a boy or a girl? It sounds like your pg's are going well. I hope for the same. I just have to make sure that dh and bd more and give ourselves the best shot this month. Keep me updated on how things are going.


SashaP - February 2

I started my first Femara pill today how's everbody else doing?


bump - February 3



SashaP - February 3

Did femara throw anybody's OPK off I'm on cd 5 already testing + I know it's not right. Any suggestions?


K - February 3

I'm having a girl. Femara didn't throw my cycle off except that it extended it by a day or two which is what the doctor wanted. I think I ovulated on day 14 or 15 with it. Are you using actual OPKs or are you using the Clear Blue Monitor? I think if you do OPK tests while you are actually taking the drug you can get a false positive, so that may be what you are seeing. You should probably call your doctor to be sure. How do you feel on the Femara otherwise?


SashaP - February 3

Congrats K on on the girl. Pick a name yet? I already called the dr I'm waiting to find out what she wants me to do. It was the Answer OPK I want to see if she wants me to switch brands or just continue with the temping I'm trying that for the first time. All I've had for side affects so far is upset belly. I can deal with that compared to what the side affects were with clomid. How is the pg going? Still feeling ok?


K - February 3

I'm glad you don't have too many side effects. I didn't think you would. I'm sure you are just getting a false positive. My RE strongly recommended the Clear Blue Easy OPKs because he said they were the best, but we were doing IUIs so our timing was really important. My husband and I are having a terrible time agreeing on a name. Every time one of us likes one, the other one doesn't. Our top 5 this week are Addison, Allison, Kendall, Megan and Samantha. What do you think of any of those? I'm at the end stage where I don't feel so good (she has dropped), but the pg is going great.


jcr - February 3

K, congrats on the baby girl. My dh and I had the same problem with names, so we went in the delivery room with a list of boy and girls names (we weren't sure which) and when she came out dh looked at her and said "it our Ryley!!" That was my name that he never really liked, but he said she just looked like a Ryley or he just felt guilty after watching me go through so much. Either way, that is how we decided. Goodluck and don't let anyone scare you with delivery stories. It is an amazing experience right down to the very end. It is hard work, but well worth it. Just like ttc...You will fall madly in love instantly. Not only that but dh won't know what hit him-in a good way. My thoughts are with you. Go get a good prenatal massage and you will feel much better. Bellyrubs!


SashaP - February 4

I bought some clearblue easy opk's tonight and took it, it was negative. I think it's a better test I told the nurse what I was using and she also told me to switch. Today I started getting very moody I don't know if it's a side affect or if it was from slipping on the ice and falling while going into work. Either way nobody wanted to be around me. I'll just blame it on the pills. I like all the names. If I had a daughter I was going to name her Riley too but when I got my dog thats what I named her I had been ttc for so long I had to use the name. I think now if I have a girl it will be Sydney, if I have a boy it will Brady dh is a big Patriots fan. Glad pg going well are getting excited about holding her in your arms in the next few weeks?


jcr - February 4

Sasha, what a horrible way to start the day. Keep on top of your RE and make sure they do ultrasounds so you know exactly when you ovulate. I test on feb 12th-I am trying to remember your questions from other post. I have my 28 month old daughter which happened naturally. I had m/c last April with no luck since then. I tried 1 round of clomid then did 3 months of metformin and acupuncture. This was my first month with femara, metformin and hcg. I am hoping for a bfp-but aren't we all???? Bellyrubs


SashaP - February 4

jcr sorry about the m/c. I hope you get a bfp it's hard going through the same thing every month. Especially if nobody around you has been in the same situation. How is the Femara working for you so far any side affects? They are going to do a blood test 8 days after the OPK is + I've already had one false + hopefully I won't have anymore for the month. Good luck on the 12th and let me know how it goes.


bump - February 5



jcr - February 5

Hi Sasha, sorry I didn't respond earlier!! bad bad bad... About the m/c I am fine with it. I have talked alot about it and it is very common, but women don't ever talk about it. So I think it makes you think it is your fault or you could have somehow prevented it. But I know that is not the case and I am truely ok. Not that I wouldn't give my right arm for it not to have happened, but it did and here I am. What cd are you on? How are you feeling? Don't you go in tomorrow for ultrasound?? Keep me posted and let me know how it goes. I am going nuts, did hpt this morning and got bfp, but hcg shot could still be in system. I researched it out and it said that lots of times it is out of your system in 10 days and today is day 10 for me????? SO I am trying to not get too excited incase it is a false bfp. I'll keep you posted. I'll probably test in another couple days-yeah right I am a pee stick addict so I'll probably keep testing for the next few days. Hang in there and rub that belly for luck.



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