Anybody not sure when there ovulating and want support!
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Ky - October 17

Hi there, cam off BCP on may 10th. TTC for no.1 so this is now the start of the 6th month trying. Had been using OPK's but found they were always neg(-) and BBT charted. My temps fell and we BD'd on the appropriate nite's.It's nto happening fo rus so we finally went to the docs last week at the end of the 5 month TTC mark (the 10th). So the result was that she said to throw out all the OPK's and stop BBT charting. Apparently all the OPK's and charting can put your body through so much stress that you may not ovulate or you not be able to be implant. I was shockde3 but she said that people take it too far with loads of un-necessary things. Don't need to do any of that until a yr after trying. Just live a healthy life and continue to BD every2-4 days and you wuill concieve naturally! So there you go that was my highlight of the week and DB's too! So basically this month -TTC Mno.6 - is goign to be a relaxed month. Is anyone taking this approach, or have you been going OTT like me with charting and OPK's? All support needed - and given! :) BD to all


Shawna - October 17

Hi Ky, I stopped taking my pills at the end of April and we are still trying to conceive. I have only had 2 periods since then, so I know where my problem lies. At a recent dr appt, he told me it coulf take up to 6 months before you have a regular period, so I guess I have to be patient. After a pelvic at the dr, he thought I was about to start my period, but it is now 5 days later and only a very light pink discharge. After this month he suggested going on clomid, but I am very hesitant. Have you had regular periods since you came off the pill? How long were you on it for?


kate - October 17

me and my fella are taking the laid back approach and its driving me mad, cause he has just forgot about it all and letting nature take its course and i cant stop thinking about it. we decided to not 'try' but to let it happen when it wants too. sounds daft but i think its the best way, you can enjoy sex instead of thinking about babies all the time- it can be really off putting for men. i cme off the pill and my periods were regular from day 1? i have been off it for 6months now and still no luck. it is frustrating and it drives me mad cause i want to talk to my fella about it but i think i go on too much!! lol


melissa - October 17

we have been trying for four years now are son is five ,i have two ovarian cyst,they are one on right and one on left,will ovarian cyst will spot you from getting pregnant. been check by my dr.said every thing is fine but i still have my cyst.i have been on med to get me pregnant.know baby yet.hope someone can help.


Ky - October 18

Hey girls! Shawna and kate you stopped roughly around the time as me! I have had kind of regular periods since i came off but only the last one came a week after the one before it finished! I get anaemic sometimes which is annoying so i guess having loads of AF's doesn't help! I actually want to go on clomid because I've heard that most people concieve within in 3months. Keep you r chin up though because you are getting a discharge. Are you sure its not IB(implantation)? Mind you there are some people who dont get regular period till a year after coming off the pill so at least you're getting started with them :) Hey Kate! are you from scotland by any chance? just thought so from the"daft" hehe. Thank god there are other people taking the "laid back approach". It just feels so much easier when you get up in teh morning! I can go and pee in the morning withotu having to temp 1st ! hehe sorry (tmi). Have u tried talking to ur DP kate? What does he say about all this? Although we are trying as such, it's better bcuz i can take my mind off of it a bit more than i everr could before because when it happens it will have been meant to happen. Hi Melissa! I'm so sorry to hear you have been struggling for so long. I'm glad to hear you have a son though! Shows that you're plumbing is A OK! :) Wot med have u been tkaing melissa? This month will hopefully be the month! ~*~*~*~God bless you all and baby dust too!~*~*~*~* have a nice day girls!


KY - October 18

Hey had to drop by again - need all the support i can get. I have been experiencing a lot of pain when I've been having sex and 2 weeks ago i had really bad cystitis that wouldn't go away! I got prescribed antibiotics and it went away. I also had a really bad smell which was very off - putting for me and DP. When i was at the docs appt which i was discussiong when i opened the post, she said i might have chlamydia. I was absolutely horrified - but see to be honest - i didnt even know much about it apart from the fact that it was a sexually transmitted infection. I've been reading up on it and now I'm horrified. I have such a high risk of becoming infertile, have a bad odour, DP will have it too, Baby cant implant, high risk of ectopic preg. I have an appt at a GUM clinic on Nov 17th! they won't give me an earlier appt till i get a (+)ve urine sample. The longer you leave it the easier it is to become infertile. I'm so worried, I don't know what to do. I just though you all should know about chlamydia because it normally goes un-noticed for ages. It's "silent". I'm mortified :'-(


Shawna - October 18

Hi Ky, please try to stay positive! The dr said you might have it, that's not definite! However, I applaud your bravery in doing research about it. Please let us know what you find out! Melissa, I have a 6 year old son and he is the reason I stay positive. If God only meant for us to have 1, it is much better than none. But it is still so much fun trying :-) Melissa do you remember when that ugly brown forms downs your belly? Does it start from the top or bottom? Other than sore boobs, I feel pg. I didn't have morning sickness with my son, so I can't really compare. I think I will treat myself as if I am pg until I find out definitely. I just don't trust hpts anymore! BD to all!


Amy - October 19

Hey Girls, we have been TTC for two months now. I've been off the pill for 3 months. I've had 3 periods, but they've been irregular. Two were 27 day cycles and the last was 35. I have been using OPKs, but never really got a positive. Got a very dark line, but not as dark as the test line. My husband was out of town the week that I got the possible ovulation line, so I don't think it will happen this month. Funny how when you want it to happen so badly, it doesn't. I was on the pill for 5 years not ready to have a baby, but once we decided to get off and ttc, it's taking forever, or at least seems that way. I just wish I knew exactly when I ovulate! Good luck to you all


Shawna - October 19

Hi Amy, welcome to the group! Isn't it frustrating that you want something so bad and it is so hard to get? How is your husband through all of this? Mine is pretty relaxed about it. He says it will happen when it happens and this attitude just drives me crazy! I wish I could just relax about it too. It would probably help us conceive sooner. I was hoping this time would be like the last time with my son. We weren't even trying then and became prego. Good luck with everything!
**************BABY DUST****************


Ky - October 20

Hey Girls, happy days today! ~Have been in touch with another GP and he said that as long as i haven't changed partner since having a smear test a year ago then I definiterly dont have it . WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO. Although i am sooo angry at my other doctor for scaring me like that! I stayed in bed for a day straight crying! Oh well, turns out it must be something else wrong but it cant be that serious or else they would have approved me for an urgent appt with the gyno clinic. I have still to go because of the pain during sex but I have pinpointed exactly where, and its not internally that i get the pain( sorry tmi). I just had to share with oyu girls that its really isnt the end of the world!! :D Back to TTC ( not that we stopped hehe) I hope you are pg shawna! I had so many symptoms in my 1st 3 months coming off the pill that i was pg. I took about 14 tests in those months! Still not ovulated yet as far as I'm aware, I have experienced pain previously. I'm on CD 10 now so hopefully will be highly fertile in the next week or so!! OOOO I hope its this month so much, if not then at least before Xmas. It would be the best present in the world. Another question for you ladies - Is anyone as obsessed about this bundle of joy to come that they have bought anything for her/him already? We thought it would've been easy so we got this cute little suit - then it went from their, aas we now have a fair amount of stuff for our little angel yet to fall. ~*~*~* God Bless you girls and Baby dust to ALLL~*~*~* :) :)


Ky - October 20



Ky - October 20

Hey girls! where is everyone today? I there anyone else out there in the same boat?? I cheated today :( I did an OPT and the 1st time round it was a faint line and the 2nd time 2 hours later, it was only one line. I have EWCM today so i thought with my mucus being so rapidly different today, that i would be ovulating? Maybe my body is preparing for ovulation, what do u think ppl?


Jessica - October 20

I have no idea when I ovulate.
I've been ttc for 6 months now and bought a ovulation dection kit called Luna and for 2 months it has showed the pre-ovulatory but no ovulation. I'm a little worried that I'm no ovulating at all. Has anyone else bought Luna? I have friends and family that swear by it. I


nina - October 20

I do not want to have to do anything extra like take temp.I just want to know when is the best time for me to get pregnant?


Ky - October 21

hey nina and jessica..welcome! Its great you dont want to do anyhting extra! You've came to the right place. The best time is supposed to be around 14days after the first day of your period, but everyone is different so it can vary. I havent bought Luna but i bought a batch of 90 tests! And havent ever had a (+)ve. It puts me more out of faith with them than I am without them! Hey and dont worry I don't think im ovulating yet either! It will happen in due time, the doc will investigate after a year of trying, untl then dont worry :)


ky - October 21



. - October 23




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