anybody not ovulating and dont know why?
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leoni - June 21

hi i would like to kno if anybody isnt ovulating for no reason, i have been tracking it and this month no eggs so the test says i was supposed to ovulate on 19th june but it hasnt happened and i have been gettin the thin mucus for 4 days now.before it was clear-ish with white lumpy thicker bits in it now its clear n sticky.i have been trying a while now but i have had sex most days over this period i would like to know my chances of being pregnant this month as i have tracked my ovulation and had sex as close as possible to it. somebody told me they wernt ovulating and didnt know wouldnt you know at all if you wernt producing eggs?


leoni - June 23

Girl i am in the same boat i dont know if i am ovulating either. I bought the ovulation tester and it never said that i was ovulating for two months. I went to the Doctor she took blood to see if i am ovulating i have not gotton the results yet. She told me that if i do get my mensus every month i am ovulating but i dont think so. I just have to wait.


angel - June 23

sorry for the typo


Kelly - June 23

Hi. I also think that I am not ovulating. I came off BCP i Feb. My next period came approx 50 days later. My next approx 35 days later. Still waiting for this one. I am on day 50 again. I took a preg test and it was negative. Not sure either if I am ovulating. I used the ovulation sticks for like a month straight and never saw a surge. My doctor said she won't see me till I don't get my period for atleast 60 days. This sucks!


mandy - June 24

Thank you for your question. To be honest, I don't know if I ovulated this month. Since going off the pill, my cycles are longer and irregular - between 32 and 42 days. But this is the first time in my adult life that I've gone over 45 days without a period (today is day 61). Preg tests (including blood test Monday) all came back negative. Nothing else is out of the ordinary...what is going on? It's very frustrating to feel like a stranger in your own body.


Brandy - June 27

If you are not ovulating per an OPK (ovulation predictor kit) I would talk to your GYN. They can do a progesterone blood test to see if you are and if you are not they can do some other testing. (For example: pregnancy, PCOS, PID, Blocked or damaged Fallopian tube(s), ovarian problems etc.) The best advice or answers will always come from your doctor.



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