Anybody late for period and wanna wait w/ me??
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Anna - August 15

Lindsey, any good news from your way? I hope you got the bfp you were hoping for! Have you taken anymore tests or seen your md? I'm still waiting and haven't gotten my af. Still occassional very mild cramping off and on. I'm going to see my md this week and ask him to do a blood test. Well, good luck and **BABY DUST** your way!


Lindsey - August 16

Anna, no af yet. I have an appt to see my doctor on Wed. to hopefully start Provera and then Clomid. I'm pretty sure I'm not pg...I don't feel like I am. I'll let you know what the dr said. Keep me posted on you!!! =)))))) Baby Dust to you!!


Anna - August 17

Got my blood test drawn today! Very nervous and excited!! Just don't want to get my hopes up as I've been disappointed before. I'll find out tomorrow or Thursday. So keep your fingers crossed for me! I hope this is it! :) Let me know how your appt. tomorrow goes. You may still be PG. A lot of women get PG and don't even realize it because they don't get s/s immediately. That's very common. Hope everything goes well for you and I'll let you know whatever I find out from my blood test! *baby dust*


Lindsey - August 17

Good luck Anna!! I'll be thinking of you! I hope you get good news. I'll write back tomorrow and let you know what happened at my Drs appt. BYE!!


Anna - August 18

Hey Lindsey! How are ya girl? I hope well! Gotta make this quick as I have to rush to work here soon. BFN on the test! Very disappointed, but I guess it wasn't meant to be this month. I see my md in 1 1/2 weeks to try to figure out what's going on with me. It's probably on to fertility drugs this next time. That's what he suggested last time if the Provera didn't work this time around. Sooo...... we'll see. I'm just confused as to what's up with my body! It's really very frustrating! You should join us over on the Clearblue Sucks forum-there's some really great girls over there. SO sweet and supportive. I think you'd like them and we would love to have you join us! Well, I have to run, but I'll catch up with you later. * baby dust*


Lindsey - August 18

Anna, I'm sorry about your BFN! Don't worry, though, you will be pg soon!! =) My Dr. gave me Provera to start my period and he gave me a RX for Metformin that he wanted me to start taking right now. He also gave me Clomid 50mg to take on days 5-9. I REALLY hope this works this month!!! Do you know anything about Metformin and pregnancy??? I'm lost as to why I'm taking it. I'll write a post on the other forum and see if I can catch you there! Talk to you later!!


Anna - August 23

Hey Lindsey! Didn't see you post on the other thread. Thought you might be hanging on this one. How are things going for you? How are the meds working out? Any side effects? I hope not! I'm seeing my md tomorrow morning.......sooooo we'll see how things go with that. I just want to be normal-if there is such a thing. I may end up coming back with a load of meds to take! But I'm really hoping not! Well, I'm headed to bed.....long day and very tired. Post soon girl! *baby dust* to ya!


Lindsey - August 23

Hey Anna....been busy at school! No side effects from any medicine. Just waiting on af to start so i can start the Clomid. I'm still debating on what day to start it on. My dr said 5-9, but alot of ppl say they started earlier and got pg. What do you think? I hope everything goes ok for you at your dr's visit. Let me know what he said!! Baby Dust to you!


Anna - August 23

Well, went to my dr. appt. this morning. I'm going to be joining all the Clomid users soon. Dr. said that something in my brain is not triggering my reproductive system to do what it is suppossed to do. Thus, no O'ing , no af, no baby. So DH has to get a semen analysis and my dr. has to set everything up with the insurance company. Once that's all done, baby making here we come! I really hope this works! And soon! ....... I would start your med on whatever day the dr. told you to start on. That's what my dr. told me-days 5-9. Those other people probably got PG because they were on Clomid, not because they switched days. LOL :) I'm gonna go lay down....tired and got a sore throat. :( Not really feeling the greatest. Keep me posted girl! **baby dust**


abigail - August 24

i am 5 days late and my breasts are very sore do you think thats normal .i am 24 and have been trying for the past 1year


Anna - August 24

Depends.....are you usually right on schedule with your af and do you normally have sore bbs? If so, then you may just be late this month. But at the same time, those are s/s of early PG. And if you've been ttc for a year, you very well may be PG. I would suggest taking a HPT and if negative, wait a few days and repeat it. If still negative, go to your md and have a hCG level drawn. Good luck and I hope you get a bfp! **baby dust** to you!


Lindsey - August 24

Well, no af yet. I finished my Provera yesterday. I am so busy at school that I really don't have time to think about it, though. My DH had a sperm analysis and everything was fine for him. I think the whole process of that bothered and embarassed him! Oh, well...they don't know all the things we go through! Talk to you later!!


Anna - August 26

Hey girl! How are ya? Things going ok at school? Been a little under the weather here-sinus infection. But I think it's starting to go away on it's own. I hate taking medicine! I'll only do it if I have to. ~~Have to schedule DHs test today. He was, also, very embarrased about the test and made me promise not to tell anybody, as I've told some close friends and family we are ttc. He was so cute! ....Anyway, you'll have to let me know how the Clomid makes you feel after you start it. I'm so nervous about side effects and all that stuff. I guess that's why I dislike taking medicine so much. Well hope your having a good day and I'm going to email you. Let me know if you don't get it. * baby dust* to ya! :)


Lindsey - August 30

Anna, well I won't be able to start my Clomid this month. My DH had to go to New Orleans to help with the hurricane and he won't be home for 3 weeks.....I am so upset....=(



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