anybody have a 25 day cycle?????
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sunflower7180 - January 18

does anybody have a 25 day cycle?? i would like to share my story with you and maybe share your with me and maybe we can help each other out!


eb - January 18

Hi, my cycles are very screwed up. I had a 24 day cycle last month, iwas on femera now they've swithed me to clomid on cd 16 today. So, we'll see if the clomid helps...


sally - January 18

Hi, i have a 24 - 25 day cycle. I have been trying ttc for 15 months now, how about you? tell me your story.


eb - January 18

Hi sally. TTC for 19 months. Had an hsg, found out i had blocked tubes, had a lap in sept 05 and took 4 cycles of femera but it didn't work for me. 1rst cycle on clomid. What's your story?


Kelly - January 18

I have 26 day cycles, but that is normal isn't it...


Sally - January 18

Well i finally gave in and went to doctors after i found out on boxing day that hubbys best mate and wife are expecting and my sis in law said she is to after only tring for 3 months!, so far had blood test and another one due on 26th jan then maybe that dye test HS? in Feb. Im worried but have found a nice doctor who listens to me instead of saying "give it time and relax" So far nothing found wrong with hubby or me. I have given up work (maybe a mistake as all i can think of is babies!!!) thats it so far.


sunflower7180 - January 18

that is the way it goes sally. everybody around me is getting pregnant and having babies too. i feel just like a complete failure. i have a 25 day cycle and i o pretty regular too. hoping for bfp this month! baby dust!


Megan - January 19

Hi, I have a 24-25 day cycle too. I look at it this way, we have more chances per year to get pregnant because we have more af per year. I'd rather has a short cycle than a long one. And to the other poster, yes a 25 day cycle is considered normal.


mckenzie - January 19

Hey ladies. I too have a short cycle my average is 25 but last month it came on 27cd which really had me going I really thought that was my month. Am 24 and dh 24 been ttc for 10mnts without any luck. As far as i know i do ovulate. Am having an HSG done next month and DH is having a SA done on friday. Everyone around me is pregnant or just had a baby so i know how you ladies feel. To add to the stress my mom is eight months preg as well as my close friend. Lets just hang in there. Hoping are time is near.Baby dust to you all.


plong - January 19

Hi. I have a 24-25 days cycle. Turns out that I have a luteal phase defect. It becomes a problem if the days between ovulation and AF is too short, because that would mean that the fertilized egg does not get a chance to implant before AF starts.


nila - February 1

I had HSG today, now waiting to hear the spooky results, im so nervous. I also have a 25 day cycle but usually its 25-28 days, i wonder why some people have clear tubes and still perform the lap exam


patty - February 1

hi nila--i have to go for an hsg after my day 3 testing. can you tell me what it waslike ? painful? how long did it last ? howlong does it take to knew the results ? thanks-just trying to go all the feedback i can because i am so scared--!



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