Anybody got pregnant with one ovary?
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kasey - June 12

Hi, i have been ttc since 2 years with no luck, i have only one ovary, is there are anybody with same situation. I had HSG in april and my FSH report says 'borderline', yet to talk to dr. about that. Any suggestions for me, thank you and Good luck.


slowpoke01 - June 12

one of my friends had her 1st kid when she was 16 and she had to have a c-section and 2 weeks later 1 of her ovaries and her appendix ruptured and she had to have another sugery needless to say she is almost 40 and since then she has had2 girls 1 miscarriage and 1 girl about a year ago so yes you can still get pregnant with 1 ovary it just may take a little more time


kasey - June 12

Hi slowpoke01, thanks for the response and giving hope that it is possible for me to get pregnant. My ovary and appendix were also taken off when i was 19 and i had ovarian cysts at that time.


mommy2josh - June 13

Hey kasey, don't worry about it until your doc tells you too start. I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years and I have both of my ovaries. In the same time that I am ttc#2 my girlfriend has had two babies with one ovary. It will be ok as long as the one you have works :). Happy thoughts.


NatashaV - June 13

Hi kasey, a coworker of mine had to have one ovary removed. She then took Clomid for 2 cycles (days 1-5) and is now 26 months pg! Apparently all you need is one good ovary - best of luck!


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13


The wife of one of my coworkers had a PIECE of one ovary and they had a little girl about 3 years ago after they totally gave up. He did not tell us what happened to her - but said she has been sick her whole life and one merciful surgeon refused to remove both ovaries and spared what he could of one ovary. They had been married 5 years and she was 37. So ANYTHING is possible with God.


babs6219 - June 27

Hi! I wanted to let you know that in 1960, my mom had huge cysts burst, and had one whole ovary removed, as well as 3/4 of the other. She was told, that because of that and my dad's sperm count, she couldn't get pregnant. They adopted my sister, and a few years later, I was born. A few years later, my little sister arrived. Keep in mind, my parents were 35 and 40 with us, with no medical assistance to get it's very, very possible.
Good luck and baby dust!



mtnlass - June 28

My mom had six children, four with only one ovary. All my younger brothers and sister were born within five years of each other. So I wouldn't worry about having only one ovary. Good luck!


kasey - June 29

Thanks everyone, i met my doc yesterday, she told my fsh (3rd day of my period) test came out not good, its 14.8 and as per her my ovary is started failing and i may consider egg donor and she is sending me to RE ASAP. anybody has any idea what does this mean. Thanks.


Ann1 - June 29

kasey, I have a borderline fsh. What it means is that your ovarian reserve is decreasing. In other words, you are running out of eggs and some of the eggs you do have may not be of good quality and will not fertilize. Also with high fsh you may not respond well to the fertility meds (might not produce many eggs). If I were you, I would go straight to ivf asap. Your fsh isn't extremely high (not so high where it excludes you from most ivf programs), but it is great cause for concern. I hope this doesn't sound too pessimistic--I am just trying to encourage you to do as much as you can as fast as you can, because there is nothing they can do about a high fsh level. Best of luck to you!



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