Anybody got pregnant after more then 3 IUI?
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Mommy to be - May 2

My husband and I did 3 IUI. I tested negatif this morning for the 3rd month. My doctor told us to try 6 times. I was just wundering if anybody got pregnant on #4, #5 or #6? I need some encouragements because I'm about to lose it. We already decided that we are not going to do IVF so this is our last chance at a baby...


CC - May 2

Mommy to be, great question, I would love to hear some responses as well. My RE will only do 3 of them, and I have already done 1 that was negative. Sorry about your 3rd negative, I know how hopeless and frustrating it feels.


NatashaV - May 2

I would like to know too, but unfortunately I've yet to get pg (hopefully this month that'll change!). Mommy to be..maybe you should try posting this on the First Trimester board, then report back to those of us still in TTC mode? Thanks and best of luck!


isa - May 3

I did 6 iui's (2 clomid and injection, 3 injection only and a natural no meds) and did not get pregnant. Now we are considering ivf. We have some male factor issues and age issues though. Good luck with your iui's I know how frustrating it is and sorry about your bfn.



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