Anybody From Phoenix TTC?
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wld like 2B a mom - June 19

I'm so lonley I feel like I'm a big waste of space. I have been with my boyfriend for alomst 3 years, and I have not been able to become pregnant. I have been on Ovulex for 33 days today is my 34th day and I'm hoping that this month it will happen. Is there anybody out there that became pregnant while taking Ovulex? Please can anybody out there give me hope? Baby dust for all


pm1307 - June 20

hey im in phoenix also. we've been trying to conceive since November but no luck, but its because i have PCOS and im on medication for it so hopefully i'll give my honey a good birthday gift and tell him im pregnant. have you done any testing to see if there is anything wrong? dont get down on yourself it takes some couples a year to conceive or longer.


wld like 2B a mom - June 27

Hi Pm. I'm glad that I'm not the only one here in phoenix. I have not gone to the doc yet. I'm trying to get time off of work so that I can try to get some appointments with the doc to see what's going on. I"m really worried...I have been on Ovulex for 72 days now, and nothing as of yet. I'm hoping that before the year is over I will be able to say "I'm gonna have a baby" I would love to be able to say that to my boyfriend. I'll keep my fingers xed. Baby dusy to you.



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