anybody else waiting to see if they are Pg?
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Victoria - September 20

My husband and I have been trying to get pregant for two years now.....I just ended my 7th cycle of clomid and I am two days late....Please let this be the month!!!!


Kerri - September 20

When are you going to test? Good luck and I hope you get your deserve it, you've waited a long time!


step - September 20

GOOD LUCK...Do you get clomid, from your doctor. sorry new at this the only thing i started with is clear blue, answer so now i'm waiting to see if i'm preg or nooooooooooooootttttttttt hey i hope you have your baby victoria


andri - September 20

Have been ttc almost 2 years now, I have pcos and I'm insulin resistant. I'm also playing the waiting game. finished my 3rd cycle of clomid and almost finish with my first round of metformin this month. ovulated 2 days ago.Really hope this is the month, babydust to all ttc *...



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