Anybody else had a fibroid in the uterine lining?
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sunshine7610 - December 2

Hey Everybody. I'm new here. Have been ttc for a year and a half. Am now on 100mg of clomid. Finally had an ultrasound today to check out my follicles. Found out I have a 2cm fibroid or a polyp within the lining of my uterus. That must be what has been preventing me from getting pregnant. Has anyone else had a problem like this? What did they do about it?


fatboy - December 2

Hi sunshine. I too have a 1 cm fibroid. They performed a saline sonogram on me to see the exact location. Sometimes they can be cause of infertility and sometimes not depending on the location. If the fibroid is deep enough in the muscle of the uterus to where it is not protruding outward toward the inside of the uterus it won't cause any problems. The ones that cause problems are the ones that are on the inside of your uterus making a bump inside. This might cause implantation problems. If it is close to your fallopian tubes it can block anything from going in or coming out. They can be removed. First things first, have a saline sonogram done so they can pinpoint the exact location then you will know if it is a threat or not. Good Luck!


Tracy88 - December 2

My fibroids are larger than both of yours and I only had one of them removed during laparoscopic surgery. First I had the sonohysterogram (saline sono) to see where they were located. One was on the outside surface of my uterus, and one is deeper within the uterus, although not within the uteran cavity. I had the one on the surface removed during a routine lap, and left the other because it would have meant cutting into my uterus to remove it. When you cut the uterus there will always be a risk of it rupturing while it expands during a pregnancy, so not only can you lose your baby, you can lose your uterus too. If it's in the cavity itself, it is much easier and safer to remove. I would have it removed if it's in the cavity for various reasons whether it's a polyp or a fibroid. One reason is because I read that the uterus may already think it has something implanted in it; therefore, preventing implantation of an embryo, and also because of what fatboy said, it could be blocking implantation. I had "polypoid" tissue in my uteran cavity right outside the opening to the fallopian tube, and the doc said this could have been preventing implantation. I also know a girl who had a polyp in her uterus and could not get PG, but got PG after having it removed. Leaves you to wonder doesn't it? You said your "thingie" is within the lining of your uterus, is that the outside lining or the inside lining? Either way, if it's just in the lining, I would have it removed. Good luck!


sunshine7610 - December 2

Mine is right in the endometrial lining. I'm going to see what my doc says at my next app in 2 wks. I am going to push for it to be removed.


lovemy3 - December 2

Hi there, I have a fibroid, fairly large and have had 3 kids with it and no problems at all. Now though I have been ttcing our 4th to no avail.


Ann1 - December 3

I have 2 fibroids and was about to get them removed prior to ivf and ended up pg on a natural cycle. It depends where the fibroid is located. At the top, it can interfere w/implantation and at the bottom it can act like a diaphram and keep the sperm from entering the uterus. Your dr should be able to tell you if it should be removed. If it is a polyp, it will need to be removed immediately. Polyps are pre-cancerous growths (I had one of those removed about a year and a half ago). Good luck!


aish - December 18

today only i found out that i have one polyp/fibroid during my mock test...
I am waiting call from my doc ...i was supposed to have my ivf in janurary ...i ordered my meds also for ivf ...lets see what will happen


sunshine7610 - December 19

what's a mock test?? Is it short for something?


aish - December 19

actually i was about to go for my 1st ivf and they did mock embryo transfer test ...that is checking the position& site wher to do egg transfer nurse told as i had hsg test they didnt find that so i think it happens just now and i have 1cm polyp/fibriod and i am going for hysterscopy soon...what about u ?


Boo b do - December 19

Hi Ladies, Out of curiosity what do these look like on a scan. I had a scan recently and want to check?


aish - December 19

mine polyp/fibroid looks like small piece of grape ...if u wanna see go to google,click on images and write uterine fibroid/polyp...u can see..
i hope u dont have



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