Anybody conceive on prometrium
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mattiewinrow - September 11

hi, i just want to know if anybody has gotten pregnant while or after using only prometrium?

Thank you


cdmrose - September 12

Hi mattiewinrow, I posted the same question a few days ago and didn't get a response either. This is not encouraging! Maybe I'll try the first trimester forum...


hoping - September 12

I did not, but haven't tried consistently. (200mg 1xday). I haven't seen an RE yet (appt later this month) but I didn't get the feeling my ob/gyn knew what was wrong - it was more of a "here, try this". I can't recall many "success stories". Good luck!


cdmrose - September 12

Hi again mattie, I posted in the third trimester forum, "Did prometrium help you to conceive?" and had a couple of encouraging posts. Check it out if you're interested! Hoping, it's good that you're going to go to an RE. I switched from my gyn to an RE for several reasons, and she is wonderful. Hopefully she is onto something and next month will be our month. Good luck to you both!


mattiewinrow - September 12

Thank you cdmrose and hoping. I'll go check it out. I also switched from my gyn to a wonderful RE.
Baby dust to y'all.



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