Anybody?? I need feedback..Please
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KristalHarmony - April 26

I have posted this 4 times now and nobody has responded to me yet. I could really use some support or some advice. I am going through a terrible time and I have nobody to talk to, I was hoping that I could meet some people this way. After my 2nd child was born i started growing pelvic tumors. In 3 years time I had over 20 operations on my pelvis. In 2 separate surgeries I had my right ovary and my left fallopian tube removed. My doctor at the time assured me that this would cause no problems getting pregnant in the future saying that the remaining tube would simply act as the other. I have now had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months. I have been researching on the internet and it says having the 2 on opposite sides, the egg rarely uses the opposite tube. Does anyone out there know anything or had any experience in this situation. I want to give my new husband a baby so badly can anyone give me some advice??????? I went through so much to save the remaining ovary and tube. My kids are my life and I want another one more than anything. I need my boy!! Anybody????????????????????/Help!!!!!!!!


marymo - April 26

Hi Kirista/Harmony. I know how frustrating this whole fertility thing can be. I cant say my situation is like yours, but Im pretty sure with having only one tube and one ovary you shouldnt have any problems. I know that every month a women can ovulate from one ovary and tube to the next. Did your doc say why your having the miscarriages???? Have you had any bloodwork done yet??? I know Im not much help with your situation, but Im in the same boat with wanting my third baby BADLY!!!!!! I wish you the best, goodluck.


mommy2josh - April 26

Kristal. I think people didnt respond, because they dont know what to say. I read your posts, but didnt write because I dont know. You situation is so unique. Have you consulted an RE? The only person who could give you an answer is a doctor who has researched your situation. I know how important it must be for you to complete your new family, but you need to take the time to seek help. If you had miscarriages, it means that you CAN get pregnant. Why you cant sustain your pregnancy is another story. Did they do testing to see if may be your pregesterone is too low to sustain the pg? I wish you all the luck in the world. I am on a thread with a whole bunch of wonderful girls TTC THROUGH FRIENDSHIP AND SUPPORT IN APRIL. Please feel free to join us. I know how lonely this process could be, it helps to have other people's support. Hugs, Tanya.


Tink - April 26

i can't give specific answers for your situation other than to recommedn seeing an RE- a reproductive endocrinologist if you aren't already. if you don't feel like your remaining tube is doing what it should, i would probably consider IVF. it worked for me and is a great solution for anyone with tube problems, since you bypass the tube altogether and just put the embryo in the uterus directly. i am 12 weeks along wtih an IVF baby, first try with IVF. that is the only recommendation i can give- definitely see a fertility specialist if you aren't already and talk about IVF as an option. good luck and lots of prayers and hugs out to you.


KristalHarmony - April 26

I appreciate all your input. The m/c were caused because it was planted outside the uterus. I have been unable to go to the doctor because my divorce was just final( finally it has been 2 years) but I am finding it hard to get insurance due to past medical history. So i just thought someone might know. I have read a lot about having one and one on the internet but I have got conflicting info. I am just going to keep trying and hoping and hopefully oon I will get into a doc. thanks



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