any way to increase sperm motility DH with hyperviscosity!
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KT - July 15

my DH and I have been ttc for over six months and he just had his sperm tested and the results show that his semen is congested and too thick so the sperm is not moving, the doctor told him his sperm was sick! he is really depressed and frusturated and we know there are methods to assist but he is still very down. I am trying to keep hs spirits up. Are there any ways to help thin out his semen so we can get those little guys moving?


dee - July 15

did the doctors give him any info on what he can do ? like taking supplements ...l?


KT - July 15

The doctor prescriped an antibiotic and told him to take Robitussin DM to ease the congestion but he cant get tested again until aug 1? i was reading about herbal supplements but i am skeptical..



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