Any success with second round Clomid?
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Drew - June 12

I have heard that second round Clomid was "it" for a few women. I just started second round on the 7th, and I'm getting kinda excited. So if anyone had success on the second round, even if it resulted in m/c please tell me about it!!


MelissaS - June 13

Hi Drew. Let's hope this is it. I've heard the same thing. I start my second round today. :-) (13th)


xiomara - June 13

My boyfriend is in a wheelchair what can we do to have a baby.


xiomara - June 13

what do i have to do have a baby.when my boyfriend is in a wheelchair.i dont know what to do i want to make him happy and give him a baby but i dont know what to me please..


xiomara - June 13

what do i have to do have a baby.when my boyfriend is in a wheelchair.


For Drew... - June 13

Hi Drew... this is my second round of clomid. I am due for my period in 7 days. I am hoping and praying that i dont recieve it. I recently lost a child at 12 and a 1/2 weeks before i was on clomid. Now i am on my second round of clomid 50mg/5-9days. Lets hope together. [email protected]
from KIM


Drew - June 13

Thanks ladies! Your all in my prayers, and it fels good to have others to wait with! Baby dust to us all!!!


Kelly - June 13

I took my 2nd round of Clomid the end of May because I had a chemical pregnancy, whatever that is. I read that you can only take clomid for so many months or your body builds up a "resistance" and doesn't work as well.


Crystal - June 13

Hey Kelly! Have we talked before??? I thought we were on the same cd. Let me know how things are going.


Drew - June 13

A chemical pregnancy? Is that a false positive because of the Clomid? That would kill me to see a positive then find out that it was really negative. I can only use the Clomid for one more month if this month doesn't work. Then I'm on to something called Pergonal.....whatever that is. Any way, I'm kinda getting a little hopefull, but I'm probably setting myself up for a fall. Here's hoping for us all!!!


Kellyalso - June 13

Crystal, I believe we talked and there is another Kelly. I am in the 2ww now. How about you? Please let me know.


Lena - June 14

Drew, a chemical pregnancy is when a pregnancy is thought to have occurred because of a positive hCG blood test, but not visually confirmed by u/s.


MelissaS - June 14

Drew, if this is only your second round of clomid aren't they going to try you for one more month then the next step? Just curious. My dr is giving me a 3 month window.


Crystal - June 14

Today is CD 27 for me! I didnt ovulate until cd 22 though. I am having some soreness in my breast and they are errect like all the time. Im hoping this means bfp. I will test in another week.


kellyalso - June 14

Hey Crystal, do usually ovualte that late or is it the clomid? I felt like I did ovulate this month (thank goodness), but on cd12. I hope it is not later because I developed a yuckky yeast infection a couple of days ago and cant dtd. Hmmmm, maybe back to the drawing board it is!!! :) I wish everyone a bfp's this month!!!!


Crystal - June 14

I do not ovulate at all without the clomid. But last month I o'd on the 22 as well. Is it to early (6 dpo) to be seeing pregnancy signs. The only one i have is that my nipples are really sore and errect. I have never had this happen before. I had to wear a different shirt this morning because they were sticking out lol. Trying not to get my hopes up.... but i have heard this is a symptom! Any insight?????


SC - June 14

Hi there, I have just been reading about your e-mails on clomid - I have done my first lot and am definitely not pregnant - due to have my period at the end of this week but I know I am definitely not - however I did read that some of the side effects from clomid are very similar to those of being pregnant ie nausea/vomiting and sore breasts. My breasts have been so sore I have been having to wear a bra at night and I have been really nauseous for the last four days, feeling like I am going to be sick every 5 mins - has anyone else had these side effects? My doc said he would have expected my follicle to be bigger when he scanned and for there to be more than one - I was on 50mg this last cycle and am due to be taking 100mg on this next cycle. Have felt really emotional etc on these pills! I don't think I have got over a really bad miscarriage I had last November/beginning of December whilst abroad - it was the most horrendous experience (and I have been run over by a lorry before - it was much worse than that!!). Love to know of anyone who has had positive news on clomid, one of my friends who had a miscarriage like me, then was not ovulating said she got pregnant on her 3rd go and there was only one follicle showing.



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